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Rush: Hillary Just Accidentally Exposed Media’s False ‘March For Our Lives’ Narrative

By  James Barrett

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh expressed a surprising wish during his “open-line Friday” show. Unlike many on both the Right and Left who want Hillary Clinton to just go away, Rush wants her to stay around for as long as she can continue to figure out a way to get people to pay her to talk. His reason is that the more she speaks, the more she helps the conservative cause. The latest example is her accidental exposure of the false media narrative about the “March For Our Lives.”

Limbaugh’s comments about the much-ballyhooed gun control rally were prompted by Clinton’s latest paid speaking gig during which she lauded the pro-gun control student activists at the March For Our Lives, but then drew a revealing connection. Here’s the quote from Clinton’s considerably less lucrative than the past speech at the Eagleton Institute Forum Thursday night:

Clinton: You think, well who’s against these things? You’re advocating for climate change or you’re advocating on behalf of those brave young students from Parkland for common sense gun safety measures. (cheers) And you find out that there are a lot of people who don’t want that to happen because they have other interests, they see the world differently, they make money from it. The biggest challenge we face is keeping up our momentum of sustaining the energy that I have now seen across our country. And we just saw in the march the day after the inauguration and (cheers) now we’ve seen it on the March for Life.

“Now, that’s an interesting connection, the march the day after the inauguration was the Women’s March where they’re wearing the vagina hats; and she correlates that, relates that to the so-called March for Life,” said Limbaugh. “And it was. It was the same people. I don’t know if you were here yesterday, but all kinds of information now has been learned about the March for Our Lives protest. Fewer than 10% were teenagers. Over 50% were women, and I think around 50% of the people there had voted for Hillary.

“It was just the latest resistance-to-Trump rally, and it was undertaken under the auspices of the kids from Parkland and the save our lives gun control thing,” he continued. “But that’s not what it was. It was your average, ordinary, run-of-the-mill Trump resistance March that is generally led by women who voted for Hillary, who are still ticked off and upset about it.”

Limbaugh is referencing a study published by The Washington Post that found that only 10% of attendees of the March For Our Lives rally in Washington, D.C. were under 18 and only 27% were “first-time protesters.” A stunning 89% of the attendees voted for Hillary Clinton and 79% described themselves as “left-leaning.” The survey found that only 47% of all attendees were motivated to be there for the issue of gun control, and only 12% of the young people were there for the issue. “So what were the other motivations? Nearly four times as many (42%) were there to protest Donald Trump, while 56% were there for ‘peace,'” The Daily Wire noted.

Limbaugh then played the comment from Clinton that has caused the most stir: her claim that men are “never” told to “go away” like she is:

Clinton: I was really struck by, um, how people said that to me, you know, mostly people in the press, for whatever reason, like, “Oh, you know, go away, go away.” They never said that to any man who was not elected.

Limbaugh led off the segment by underscoring that he, unlike basically everyone else, wants Clinton around as long as possible.

“You know, there are a lot of people on our side that wish Hillary Clinton would go away. I’m not one of them,” he said. “You mention Hillary Clinton’s name and people groan. ‘Aw, come on, can’t that woman just realize it’s over and kind of slink away.’ And I understand the sentiments. But I hope that she doesn’t go away. I hope the Democrats keep paying her somehow to appear in public.”

“I hope she keeps showing up in walking boots,” he added later. “Now she’s got a big cast on her arm, on her right arm, the right wrist. I hope she keeps showing up in these Coke bottle glasses, and I hope she keeps whining, and I hope she keeps complaining and blaming and rambling on about whatever it is that’s on her mind. Because Hillary Clinton perfectly represents a party of victims. Man, if there’s ever been a prototype and an icon for a victim, a Democrat Party victim, Hillary Clinton is owning it.”

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