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Rolling Stone Calls ‘Duck Dynasty’ Family ‘Christian-Right Hillbillies’

By  Amanda

On Wednesday, Rolling Stone writer Rob Sheffield blasted America’s beloved Duck Dynasty on its way out the door, rejoicing that the A&E show was running its last episode and dubbing the scripted-reality stars “Christian-right hillbillies.”

“Reality show about family of hypocritical Christian-right hillbillies ends its run tonight – and gives us one reason to celebrate 2017,” reads the post’s subheading.

“These days it’s tough to find reasons to be cheerful about the state of the nation – but an America without Duck Dynasty is a good place to start. No show in television history has ever sucked quite like this one. And if the TV gods are willing, no show ever will,” writes Sheffield.

Duck Dynasty, for those of you living under a rock, is a scripted-reality TV show centered around a lovable gun-toting, God-fearing, patriotic family from Louisiana. The Robertsons also happen to be the founders of a massive duck call company called Duck Commander. The family doesn’t cuss, they end each episode in prayer and don’t apologize for living according to the Bible.

Naturally, these are the type of people loathed by those on the Left like Sheffield, who finds the Robertsons “phony” and “creepy.”

“The Robertsons weren’t even fun to watch on a reality-trash level, because they were too phony to believe – so artificial in their micro-scripted dialogue, so cynical in their piety, so bone-headed in their recycled sitcom plots,” he complains. “Hell, even their beards looked fake.”

Their beards looked fake? How dare he.

“The sexual innuendo just made it all creepier, like the scene when Willie’s wife winks to the camera, ‘There’s really only one way to convince a Robertson man to do anything. All you’ve got to do is make him think it’s his idea. Actually, there are two ways, but I save the other one for special occasions,'” continues Sheffield.

Then comes the most predictable line of all: “It’s the ‘Robertson man’ that makes the moment so unforgettably skeevy – jeez, how many of her husband’s brothers is she claiming to have blown?”


“A typically phony gag, from this phoniest of reality franchises. Farewell, Duck Dynasty. The end of your era is a rare reason to celebrate in 2017 – but we’ll take it,” concludes Sheffield.

The leftist’s out-of-touch torching of the wholesome, Bible-clinging, gun-toting, proud Americans actually perfectly illustrates why Democrats have been losing elections for years on end. The contempt Sheffield feels for people who dare reject the Church of Leftism and instead embrace traditional values is a commonality on the Left. The Right has been reacting to the disdain launched at them by consistently electing Republicans into office, culminating in the election of a smack-talking, politically incorrect loudmouth named Donald Trump, for good or ill.

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