Rogan Blasts People Upset About ‘Groomer’ Term: ‘Here’s What’s More Important – Not Have People Groom Your F***ing Kids’ Under Guise Of ‘I’m An LGBTQ Educator’
Commentator Joe Rogan speaks during weigh-ins for UFC 200 at T-Mobile Arena on July 8, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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Podcast host Joe Rogan blasted people who are upset about the “groomer” term and want to have it blocked, saying what’s more important is not having “people groom your f***ing kids” under the guise of “I’m an LGBTQ educator.”

During Spotify’s “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast Wednesday, the host spoke with professor/author Gad Saad about educators who he said use “indoctrination” against kids “for their own sexual pleasure,” and said it’s a “real f***ing problem,” noting examples of teachers who’ve been arrested for a wide variety of reasons involving kids. It starts at the 2:56:10 minute mark here.

“How do you feel about education? I think it’s critical, it’s very important,” Rogan explained. “How do you feel about indoctrination by people that are educators?’ I don’t like that at all. Those are two very different things!”

“Right,” Saad replied.

“And if you want to tell me that they’re the same thing, I say f*** you!” the host shared. “Cause they’re not! Cause there’s a lot of f***ing crazy people that wind up being teachers. Someone said to me that, or I read this, not all — the term ‘groomer,’ a lot of people don’t like that term online. They’re very upset. But they’re real. There are groomers. You don’t like it? Do you not like it because you don’t want children to be groomed, or do you not like it cause it’s a pejorative that’s used against the Left? Which is, I think, more likely.”

“But here’s what’s more important, not have people groom your f***ing kids,” he added. “That’s what’s more important than you getting uncomfortable with this word because it’s used by people on the Right. Like I saw someone, as an argument, someone who I think is an intelligent person, say that there should be a block against using the word ‘groomer.’”

“Unbelievable,” the author shared.

“No! No, there should be no groomers!” Rogan exclaimed. “How about that! And this is what they wrote, they said, ‘Not all teachers are groomers, but a lot of groomers are teachers.’ And that’s real! That’s a real f***ing problem. I mean, constantly, teachers are getting arrested for exposing themselves to children, for masturbating in front of children, for sending nude pictures in front of children. Every couple days, there’s a new one that pops up in the news.”

The host asked “how many of those people haven’t been caught yet,” and “how many of those people are out [there],” and said “how many of those people are doing it under the guise of ‘I’m an LGBTQ educator!’”

Rogan’s guest said he was “keeping a tally of the amount of hate mail” the host was going to be getting, and Rogan said “good luck” and that he doesn’t read it.

“There’s people that are good people in all walks of life,” Rogan shared. “Trans people, gay people, straight people, bisexual, whatever the f*** you are. There’s good people in all walks of life. There’s also pieces of s*** that will use those labels in order to get closer to groups of people and indoctrinate them. And indoctrinate them for their own sexual pleasure. That’s real.”

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