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Rochester Hospital: Daniel Prude’s Care ‘Medically Appropriate And Compassionate’
Joe Prude, the brother of Daniel Prude, leads demonstrators in a march for his brother on September 04, 2020 in Rochester, New York.
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Friday evening, the city of Rochester, New York, exploded in violence, as far-left Black Lives Matter rioters chased customers out of restaurants, broke windows, set bus stations aflame, and climbed on top of houses over the death of a 41-year-old man named Daniel Prude, who is black.

Prude died seven days after an interaction with Rochester police officers back in March, at the height of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

A statement released Friday from the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC), which encompasses Strong Memorial Hospital, where Prude was treated, pushed back on the mainstream narrative that Mr. Prude was not adequately cared for, supposedly due to the color of his skin.

Prude’s care, URMC said, was “medically appropriate and compassionate,” adding that they are unable to disclose detail about the care due to privacy constraints. The statement noted that the Prude family has been asked to sign off on a HIPPA release so Strong Hospital can release information to the public.

URMC has also offered the Prude family to sit with them and discuss any concerns they have.

“URMC does not agree that the care our hospital provided in this case is an example of the systemic shortfalls we all want to address. Based on our review, we believe his care was medically appropriate and compassionate,” reads the statement from URMC, according to News 10 NBC.

“As we said Thursday in extending our deepest sympathies to the Prude family, privacy laws prevent us from discussing Daniel Prude’s evaluation or treatment at Strong Memorial Hospital,” URMC continued. “While reviewing his case internally, we have asked the family to meet with us so that we can answer any questions they have about his care.”

“In addition, we have sent a HIPAA release form to the Prude family, asking permission to share information about Daniel Prude’s care as part of this important community and national conversation,” the medical center added.

An autopsy report from the Monroe County Medical Examiner’s Office, according to WXXI News, “listed the cause of Prude’s death as ‘complications of asphyxia in the setting of physical restraint due to excited delirium due to acute phencyclidine intoxication,’ an indication that Prude might have been high on PCP.”

The Daily Wire reported Friday on the interaction with Prude and law enforcement from March:

Back in March, at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, Daniel Prude, a black male, interacted with officers from the Rochester Police Department (RPD) in New York after at least two people called 911 about Prude’s behavior and welfare, included Prude’s own brother, Joe Prude.

Police reports indicate Prude was restrained by officers while waiting for the ambulance the cops summoned — video (below) suggests this was done soon after Prude told officers, “Give me your gun, I need it.”

As noted by Forbes, Prude “had been taken to the local hospital for suicidal thoughts about eight hours before his encounter with police on March 22.”

As cops were physically restraining the man for about two minutes, body camera footage (which can be viewed below) and media reports suggest the 41-year-old threw up and lost consciousness. He was reportedly resuscitated on the way to the hospital but likely suffered severe brain damage and was pulled from life support about a week later by his family.

Notably, Prude has a mesh-like hood placed over his head, dubbed a “spit hood.” The device is used to protect officers from saliva. Prude was repeatedly spitting and reportedly telling people he had COVID. (The interaction with police was in March, at the height of the novel coronavirus pandemic.)

As highlighted by WXXI News, police reports indicate Prude had apparently “gone on a destructive tear,” “smashing out the windows of several storefronts, and ranting about having the coronavirus” before police came in contact with him.

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