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Robert De Niro Starts Raging ‘Bulls**t’ In Front Of High Schoolers

Actor Robert De Niro does not discriminate as to where, and in front of whom, he chooses to rage his “bulls**t” — so that sometimes includes high school students.

According to Page Six, the former “Taxi Driver” star said in front of a crowd of high school students that President Trump is spreading “bulls**t.” The actor delivered his comments during an awards ceremony for student recipients of the Rosemary Breslin American Writer Award in New York.

“The one characteristic that comes through all of your work that I read, and that is the same quality of everything that Jimmy Breslin wrote, is the truth,” De Niro said. “Our country is led by a president who believes he can make up his own truth. And we have a word for that — bulls**t.”

“So what about the truth? What does the truth even mean today? I mean, if you’re Donald Trump it doesn’t mean anything,” he continued.

De Niro’s candid speech was received with rounds of applause. This marks the second time the actor used a gala to spew his political screed. Speaking at a charity fundraising dinner for the Fulfillment Fund in March, an organization helping underprivileged children receive a higher education, De Niro seized the moment to brandish his woke cred.

“A college education is important, but education without humanity is ignorance,” began De Niro. “Look at our president. He made it through the University of Pennsylvania, so he was exposed to a quality education, but he’s still an idiot. And he lacks any sense of humanity or compassion.”

De Niro also described the president as a “lowlife” in a speech at the Annual Hudson River Park Gala last year. The actor appears to ponder on President Trump both day and night.

“F**k you, Donald Trump. It’s a horror with this motherf**ker,” he said.

The actor has also stated he has no interest in seeing the point-of-view of Trump supporters, saying the conversation has moved “beyond that.”

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