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Rob Schneider Blasts Democrats Pushing An ‘Orwellian Nightmare Of Censorship’

“Saturday Night Live” alum Rob Schneider went on a Twitter tirade this past weekend against the Big Tech giants who have all colluded with Democrats to promote an “Orwellian nightmare of censorship,” according to Fox News.

“We are in a real world Orwellian nightmare of censorship. Be careful who you label and smear today. You will be the smeared tomorrow,” Schneider wrote on Saturday.

The comedian was going on the offensive against the Poynter list of “unreliable news sources” that was eventually scrapped because, as it hilariously turned out, the Poynter list was itself unreliable.

“Just bizarre. Progressive Democrats, who once stood for Civil Rights, Liberty,Free Speech now stand for censorship & removing parent rights,” Schneider continued.

On Sunday, Schneider went on another tirade against Facebook for booting several far-right figures from the platform, such as Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopoulos. The ban also included one far-left figure, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

“Free Speech is ALL SPEECH! The UK and Australia don’t have protected speech. And we are not protecting our 1st Amendment. #EternalVigilance,” Schneider tweeted.

Ironically, Schneider quoted far-left professor Noam Chomsky to illustrate his point about free speech and censorship. “As America’s greatest linguist Noam Chomsky says,’Free Speech is ALL SPEECH. You’re either for ALL of it or NONE of it.’ (Emphisis 4 dummies),” Schneider tweeted alongside a photo of the quote itself.

“Goebbels was in favor of free speech for views he liked. So was Stalin. If you’re really in favor of free speech, then you’re in favor of freedom of speech for precisely the views you despise. Otherwise, you’re not in favor of free speech,” reads the quote.

Schneider experienced his intellectual departure from the Democratic Party several years ago and has been seemingly waging a war on destructive political correctness ever since. In April of last year, he took his former stomping grounds of “Saturday Night Live” to task for ruining the show with leftist politics.

“The fun of ‘Saturday Night Live’ was always you never knew which way they leaned politically,” Schneider told the New York Daily News at the time. “You kind of assumed they would lean more left and liberal, but now the cat’s out of the bag they are completely against Trump, which I think makes it less interesting because you know the direction the piece is going.”

Schneider also took aim at Alec Baldwin’s current portrayal of President Trump in comparison to his former co-star Dana Carvey’s portrayal of President George H.W. Bush. Beneath the satire, according to Schneider, the latter showed affection for the president while the former only has disdain.

“Carvey played it respectfully,” Schneider said. “To me, the genius of Dana Carvey was Dana always had empathy for the people he played, and Alec Baldwin has nothing but a fuming, seething anger toward the person he plays.”

For that reason, Schneider says Baldwin is “hard to watch” because his motives are just too obvious. “Alec Baldwin is a brilliant actor… he’s not a comedian,” Schneider flatly shared.

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