RIDICULOUS: Kamala Harris Tweets An Incredibly Stupid Idea About Children And Government


In her neverending quest to become the most progressive Democrat in America, Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) tweeted on Thursday that children should help us run the government:

Children should not have a voice in our government. Children are children. They are innocent; they are wonderful. They are also incapable of fully rational thought, thoroughly uncivilized, and completely driven by immediate emotional response.

Which, come to think of it, may be why Harris wants kids to vote. Or something.

But there’s actually something deeper at play here. The Left has demonstrated an unceasing willingness to use children as political pawns recently, whether using them as spokespeople for political views or as excuses for more government interventionism. That’s part of a double game. On the one hand, leftists suggest that children are helpless and innocent, and must be protected from the horrific predations of their conservative parents; on the other hand, they suggest that children are capable of fully developed decisionmaking. This leads the Left to a rather convenient solution: they must step in as guardians for the children in order to allow the children to exercise their decisionmaking prowess free of parental oppression.

The latest evidence of this tactic comes courtesy of Rocklin Academy Schools, a Sacramento charter school, where a kindergarten teacher set up a “transition ceremony” for a five-year-old. In front of the other kids. Without parental permission. Here’s The Daily Wire:

Facing legal trouble from parents rightly outraged over having their children exposed to transgenderism without their knowledge, Rocklin Academy Schools maintains that they had no obligation to inform parents, since California laws require consent only in matters of sex education. The lesson, they say, had to do with “gender identity,” which the school district claims falls under “tolerance and diversity” curricula.

Don’t you see? If parents were allowed to have input on a five-year-old’s gender identity expression, that might quash his/her freedom! And if other parents were to prevent their children from attending a transition party, they would simply be forwarding stereotypes or even preventing the proper gender development of their own children!

Meanwhile, at Bremerton High School in Washington, a high school football coach was canned for the egregious sin of kneeling for an after-game prayer at the 50-yard-line. The Court ruled that his firing was proper, and suggested that the students had to be protected from the possibility of voluntarily praying:

Irrespective of the District’s views on that matter, a reasonable observer would conclude in light of the history and context surrounding Kennedy’s conduct that the District, “in actuality,” favors religion, and prefers Christianity in particular.

So, let’s be clear. The Left wants children to be able to change genders without parental permission, but doesn’t want children to even have the option of praying with a football coach publicly. Why? Because the coach praying publicly might have an impact on the kids. As opposed to telling five-year-olds that they can change sex.

This has nothing to do with the welfare of children, and everything to do with the Left’s political agenda. Children are merely a convenient tool in the Left’s arsenal: they’re Rousseau-ian wonders, capable of educating themselves — but only under the auspices of the Left, which only wants to protect them.

How convenient.

How dishonest.

How disgusting.

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