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Response to Ben Shapiro: Five Reasons I Don’t Care If Donald Trump Lies

By  John

Let me first acknowledge Ben Shapiro’s Sunday piece about those who excuse from Donald Trump what they never would from Barack Obama. On this particular subject, I have been very clear since the beginning, since The Donald stepped out onto the political stage. And for the hard of hearing, let me put it this way…


Just in case that wasn’t perfectly clear, let me say it again:


Here are my reasons, which are purely mercenary and utterly shameless:


For eight years I watched as Obama, his supporters and his mainstream media, enjoyed victory after victory by telling lie after lie after lie after lie. Big, brash, bold, brassy, brazen, blatant, bodacious, blaring, barefaced lies about YouTube videos killing four Americans in Benghazi, about me being able to keep my health insurance and doctor, about Mitt Romney killing a woman with cancer, about there being no successful domestic terror attacks under Obama’s watch, about the Obama administration being scandal free.

And here is what I learned: dirty politics work.

The Democrats are currently using lies to defeat Trump.

The mainstream media is a lying propaganda machine out to destroy Trump. So…

…out of some misguided sense of virtue we’re supposed to surrender part of the arsenal?

Yeah, no.

This was my Road to Damascus moment…

During the 2012 election, when Team Obama accused Romney of murdering a woman, and the media let him, the scales fell from my eyes. I grew up a little bit. A piece of my innocence withered, dried up and died. That spot behind my ears got a little drier. My cherry went pop as I realized the following….

In politics, lying is a tactic, and if you don’t use that tactic, you’re screwed.


Let me just put it like this…

How exactly is it a virtue to lose like a gentleman when your personal freedom and the fate of your country is at stake?


Yes, politics is war. It is not war-war. Should Trump ever cross the line into illegality, violence, or the endorsing/excusing of violence (as Obama and his media frequently have), I’ll speak up as loudly as anyone. And if Trump tells a lie of true consequence, an Obama-sized like…

“No matter how we reform health care, we will keep this promise to the American people: If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. If you like your health-care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health-care plan, period. No one will take it away, no matter what.”

…that might cross my line, as well. We’ll see.

Reality, though, is still reality. Unless you want to live in a politically correct concentration camp (that used to be America) where your church is forced to perform same-sex marriages and a centralized government takes 70% of your income to fund abortions, you best be prepared, figuratively, to firebomb civilians in Dresden and nuke women and children at Hiroshima.


Right now Trump has remained safely in what The New York Post’s Kyle Smith once brilliantly described as “The Bullshit Zone.”

Back in 2013, Smith explained:

Obama says a lot of things that are not true, even nonsensical. But it’s easy to shrug off most of these, because they aren’t really lies. They’re just bulls – – t.

Bulls – – t is airy, meaningless drivel, the stuff that campaigns are made of. Or it’s a misleading oversimplification with hidden qualifiers. Not only do we forgive bulls – – t, we like it. …

Even when Obama made seemingly specific promises like, “I want to go line by line through every item in the federal budget and eliminate programs that don’t work,” he left himself wiggle room. He still wants to do that, no doubt. He’s just too busy filling out his March Madness brackets and golfing. Or maybe he just couldn’t find a program that fails by his standards.

While he was saying things like, “I will make sure we renegotiate NAFTA” in an effort to match Hillary Clinton’s equally insincere blather about turning back the clock on the free trade agreement that her husband vigorously promoted and signed, Obama aides were going around telling Canadian officials that this was just “rhetoric” — a nice word for “bulls – – t.”

Sorry, I’m just not going to get shrieky over BS.


I am no hypocrite. Obama’s lying never really bothered me. Politicians lie. That is what they do. In fact, I’ve always admired Obama’s mettle when it came to getting what he wanted; and I’ve always wanted a Republican Obama willing to do the same. And other than throwing some ridicule around, I certainly never got worked up over his BS.

My issue has always been a mainstream media that portrays itself as objective and unbiased.

My issue has always been a mainstream media that portrays itself as objective and unbiased. And right now, that is still the only issue. The very same media that not only covered for Obama’s lies, but exuberantly aided and abetted them, must be defeated, crushed, ground into dust, and then poured into 55 gallon drums that are dumped unceremoniously into the blackest part of the ocean.

Other than the exceptions listed above about illegal behavior and violence, how we defeat these cretins makes no difference to me. None. Nada. Nought. Nothing. Zip. Zippo. Zilch. Don’t care. Don’t wanna care. Can’t dance, don’t ask me.

There is no higher moral value than the total and complete defeat of our national media. The media is evil, and the media was the first to throw away virtues such as honesty and fair play, and here’s a naked truth for you…

If you valiantly stick to Marquis of Queensbury as your opponent bites, kicks, scratches, spits, and hurls folding chairs, you are going to valiantly get knocked valiantly down on your valiant backside.

In closing, let me be very clear about one thing…

I will not lie.

Oh, I will make mistakes… But I will never intentionally lie to you or to anyone else.

And this piece should prove that, and it is meant only as an explanation for why I’m not going to expend a single ounce of energy calling balls and strikes on Trump. I just want to win the game, and if one gets by the umpire, I am all for it.

You know where I stand.

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