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Vandals COVERED A Republican Office in Illinois With The Word ‘Rape’

The Winnebago County Republican headquarters in Illinois was vandalized with the word ‘rape’ written multiple times in spray paint on Sunday.

According to RRStar, police officers noticed the graffiti before 10 a.m. on Sunday. In addition to the word “rape,” vandals scrawled ‘shame’ and ‘9/27/18′ — the date Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s testified about sexual assault allegations in the Senate Judiciary Committee — across the walls, windows, and doors of the building

“I hope whoever is responsible for this will be brought to justice,” state Rep. John Cabello, a Republican, wrote on Facebook. “You are a coward for doing it unless you come forward!”

State Rep. Dave Syverson, also a Republican, told RRStar that he hopes “they will find and prosecute the person who is responsible,” adding, “I think in the end this will hurt the legitimacy of the #MeToo movement.”

Sara Dady, a Democratic candidate for Congress from Illinois called it an “act of criminal defacement” that is “not better than spray painted hate messages on a church…”

In another tweet she claimed it “demeans the direct, effective action of the women who confronted Republican Sen. Flake- who listened and stopped the vote Fri. Spray painting Sen. Flake’s office wouldn’t get the same result.”