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Reporter: Saying ‘Biological Males’ Is A ‘Serious Anti-Trans Slur’
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A reporter urged other journalists Wednesday to stop using the term “biological males,” deeming the scientific term a “serious anti-trans slur” that is hateful to use.

“It’s totally okay to have debate and disagree, but folks in media, the term ‘biological males’ is a serious anti-trans slur,” LGBTQ+ reporter for The 19th Kate Sosin tweeted.

“You should not use it without noting that,” Sosin added.

Piggybacking off Sosin’s tweet, another Twitter user who claimed to be a doctor replied in agreement, suggesting journalists talk about women as “people born with a uterus,” or “those assigned female at birth,” for example.

“Especially as there is an accurate & acceptable option for those infrequent times when you have to describe for example the group that includes people born with a uterus: those assigned female at birth,” the post read. “Plus AFAB (&AMAB) are used in *both* the literature & trans community.”

Sosin is an open advocate against the protection of girls and women’s sports, instead promoting athletics be divided by “gender identity” and not biological sex, subsequently putting biological females at a disadvantage.

The obfuscation from biological reality, no doubt, benefits Sosin’s agenda.

There have already been notable shifts in language concerning transgender ideology. In 2017, for example, The Associated Press Stylebook, which is a widely used reference for journalists, embraced the use of “they” as a singular pronoun, NBC News reported.

“We offer new advice for two reasons: recognition that the spoken language uses they as singular, and we also recognize the need for a pronoun for people who don’t identify as a he or a she,” said Paula Froke, lead editor for the AP Stylebook.

The tweet damning the term “biological males” blew up online by Friday, promoting opponents to weigh in on Sosin’s take.

“If I can’t refer to a transwoman as a ‘biological male,’ then you’ve removed my ability to debate or disagree,” conservative Chad Felix Greene pushed back. “By default you are requiring me to accept and vocally endorse your worldview.”

“I have absolutely no problem with using the terms ‘trans woman’ and ‘trans man’ to describe those who identity as other then their biological sex. But THERE HAS TO BE a biological starting point from which to transition,” argued conservative writer Kimberly Ross. “And those truths are scientific, not slurs.”

“I’m glad doctors don’t pay attention to this nonsense,” Erielle Davidson said. “You could never be a medical professional and preach such incoherence.”

Ben Shapiro stated bluntly, “2+2=4 is not racist, and ‘biological male’ is not a ‘serious anti-trans slur.’ Facts are facts.”

“Biological males are real and biological females are real. Reality is not a slur,” conservative Kurt Schlichter similarly offered. “People want to call it a slur to keep you from citing it. Ignore them. Biology is real.”

“Party of Science,” snarked Amy Curtis.

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