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Report: Many Of CNN’s National Security ‘Experts’ Have Ties To Terror-Supporting Qatari Regime

As The Daily Wire has reported before, the Muslim Brotherhood-cozy regime of the tiny peninsular state of Qatar sponsors more high-profile global Sunni jihadist terror than just about any other country in the world. The infamously pro-Islamism state is, along with increasingly Islamist Turkey, one of the two chief contemporary bankrollers of extremist Sunni madrasas and insidious pro-Muslim Brotherhood academic sinecures alike. Qatar is infamous for its cozy ties with Hamas — and even with al-Qaeda. Last month, it was revealed that Qatari officials bribed FIFA to the tune of $880 billion in order to secure that the country would play host to the 2022 World Cup.

Via its Al-Jazeera propaganda mouthpiece (which also happened to be the preferred media outlet for Osama Bin Laden himself) and sundry other media/think tank outfits, such as the Qatar-funded Brookings Institution, the nation of Qatar exudes disproportionate influence throughout the West. A new documentary released last week, “Blood Money,” shines some light on Qatar’s malignant tentacles wreaking havoc throughout the United States.

Now, according to a new report from Jordan Schachtel at Conservative Review, the Qatari regime’s influence extends deeply within a potentially unlikely media source: CNN. Accoring to Schachtel’s research, many of CNN’s leading national security “experts” have subtle, undisclosed ties to the Qatari regime:

Several of the so-called national security experts at CNN that you see on television every night have direct links to the nation of Qatar, a terror-funding, Islamist enclave in the Middle East that has placed itself on the warpath against America’s most important regional allies.

But you would never know about these connections, because none of the CNN regulars disclose their financial and/or institutional ties to Qatar when they appear on the airwaves. And off air, they are also not forthcoming about their Qatar-backed connections. Even when it comes to discussing issues where they have a clear conflict of interest, such as commenting on Israeli, Saudi, or [United Arab Emirates] affairs, these CNN contributors have no issue going to bat against Qatar’s rivals…

As Schachtel notes, CNN recurring guest Ali Soufan has a “personal relationship” with Qatari governmental leadership and “is the executive director of the Qatar International Academy for Security Studies, which is based in Doha and funded by the Qatari regime.” CNN recurring guest Mehdi Hasan, furthermore, is a “longtime presenter” for Al-Jazeera itself. Juliette Kayyem, a national security analyst for CNN, “is a board member of the the International Centre for Sport Security, a front group controlled by Qatar that is an influence operation to secure and defend Qatar’s 2022 World Cup bid.” Finally, Peter Bergen, who does not have a direct link to a Qatari state institution, nonetheless “frequently lectures at Qatari-funded institutions such as Georgetown University Qatar,” and has also “moderated a panel at the Doha Forum, which is held under the auspices of the Qatari regime.”

CNN did not respond to Schachtel when he requested a comment.

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