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Report: ISIS Abducted Children to Use as Suicide Bombers, Human Shields in Mosul

With the liberation of Mosul underway, the Islamic State has become increasingly agitated. This state of panic has lead them to abduct children as young as eight to act as suicide bombers, human shields, and fight with them on the front-lines.

According to sources within the Yazidi Brigade, part of the Kurdish peshmerga forces, Islamic State militants lured young boys from the town of Tel Afar out into the open Friday by announcing that they had taken the oil-rich city of Kirkuk.

Fox News quotes their source on the ground:

“When people from the town heard that Kirkuk had been taken over by ISIS, many came out to the streets to celebrate. With all the families out on the street, ISIS members then executed their scheme and had trucks ready, they filled them with young boys and imported them to the front line Friday night.”

The boys range in age from approximately 8-16.

In Saturday’s early morning hours, a suicide vehicle injured two Yazidi fighters. Upon examination, the scorched bodies inside the vehicle appeared to belong to three young boys, possibly the same boys abducted from Tel Afar the day before.

A Kurdish official told Fox News that it’s a truly difficult thing to go into battle with a group using children as cover:

“The Yazidi-Peshmerga tries to snipe behind the shields, but that’s very hard…But if the shields open fire first, they have no choice but to shoot back. Otherwise, more and more of our soldiers will get killed.”

As ISIS continues to lose physical territory in Iraq, they have become more aggressive, and resorted to more heinous practices. Tel Afar isn’t the first time ISIS has used boys to carry out attacks.

August 20, an alleged Islamic State suicide bomber as young as 12-years-old blew himself up at a wedding in Gaziantep, Turkey, killing approximately 53 people. CNN reports that “at least 22 victims were under the age of 14.”

Expect this type of vile behavior to continue and even worsen as coalition forces bombard Mosul, the Islamic State’s final stronghold.

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