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Report: Here Are All The Times CNN Associated Kavanaugh With ‘Rape’ Over 18 Days

A new study by a conservative media watchdog found that CNN anchors associated Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh with “rape” 191 times over just 18 days.

The Media Research Center found that over a period of 18 days, from September 16 through October 3, CNN’s on-air anchors managed to associate Kavanaugh with the uncorroborated allegations of “rape” at a pace of over ten times a day — and that doesn’t include “the many other instances in which the word was used by guests, or by participants at live or replayed news events (such as the hearing on September 27).”

The 10+ a day “rape” association rate also doesn’t include any synonyms, Newsbusters notes, including “sexual assault.”

“During the past three weeks, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has received a deluge of news coverage accusing him of vile crimes, including attempted rape and even organizing gang rapes,” Newsbusters reports. “Though these charges did not originate with the news media, the lack of satisfactory corroborating evidence should have caused ethical reporters to refrain from gratuitously repeating allegations that painted Kavanaugh in a monstrous light. The media have shown no such restraint.”

Newsbusters notes that in 1999 when Juanita Broaddrick accused then-President Bill Clinton of raping her, over the next 18 days, CNN’s on-air personalities associated Clinton with rape 34 times, less than a fifth of the rate they branded Kavanaugh with it.

Read the full report here.

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