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Report: Guess Which Party Gets An Overwhelming Amount Of Google Employee Donations

While it comes as no surprise that more donations from Google employees go to Democrats than Republicans, a new study found the disparity to be rather remarkable: Nearly all — over 90% — of the political donations made by Alphabet, Inc. employees over the last decade and a half went to Democrats.

In a study highlighted by PJ Media’s Paula Bolyard, GovPredict — which “host[s] the broadest database of political contributions in the world, spanning contributions to federal, state, and local committees, as well as to 527 organizations” — looked into the “the political preferences of Alphabet employees, as revealed by their political giving histories, and how have these preferences evolved over time.”

Using FEC data on the donations of all of the employees of Alphabet’s various subsidiaries since 2004 and designating political candidates and causes as either Democratic or Republican, GovPredict found an almost entirely uniform political affiliation:

Since 2004, Alphabet employees have contributed a little over 90% of their political dollars to Democratic candidates and causes. Since 2008, the strongest imbalance came in 2016, when 94% of their contributions went to Democrats. In 2010, Republicans received the largest share of Alphabet employees’ contributions, when they received 19% of political dollars.

Below is the graph GovPredict provides showing the breakdown of political donations since 2004:

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“More than $15 million in Alphabet employee political contributions went to Democrat candidates and causes while a mere $1.6 million went to Republicans between 20014 and 2017,” Bolyard notes.

The biggest disparity, GovPredict found, was notably in the 2016 election.

Read the full report here.

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