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Meet The Female Jihadist Who Pledged ‘Allegiance to ISIS Leader’

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

We didn’t know where the picture of Tashfeen Malik was.

Now we do. Late on Friday, ABC News revealed this photo of the female jihadist who, along with her husband Syed Farook, murdered 14 people in San Bernardino, California.

We also know that she pledged allegiance to ISIS.

According to CNN, three U.S. officials have confirmed that Malik posted “a pledge of allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdada on Facebook,” adding to the clues that the massacre was an act of radical Islamic terrorism–as most rational people have already concluded, despite the left’s effort to divert attention from the truth.

U.S. officials believe that the allegiance was posted to Facebook “on an account with a different name” during the massacre on Wednesday which left 14 dead.

Besides the home being reported to resemble a bomb factory, Breitbart News has recently reported that Malik’s sister “is a member of a pro-Caliphate Islamist group.”

All this new evidence adds to the confirmation by CBS News on Thursday that the couple watched ISIS propaganda online.

As Ben Shapiro wrote yesterday:

Malik immigrated to the United States with a Pakistani passport, and entered the country on a K-1 (fiancée) visa. That visa allows the holder to “travel to the United States and marry his or her US citizen sponsor within 90 days of arrival.” After their marriage, Malik got a green card, becoming a legal permanent resident. After just a couple more years, she would have become a citizen.

It has now been confirmed that on her visa application, she provided an address in Pakistan that does not exist, according to ABC News.

At the time of the writing of this article. President Obama still has not publicly announced that the massacre was an act of radical Islamic terrorism. He has, however, tweeted about climate change.

” … a member of a pro-Caliphate Islamist group.”

Tashfeen Malik’s sister, according to Breitbart

This was retweeted by @WhiteHouse:

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