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Report: Classified Info From Hillary’s Email Found On Romanian Server

By  Aaron Bandler

There is now more evidence that Hillary Clinton’s server was hacked.

The Washington Examiner reports that the FBI’s notes on their investigation on Clinton’s server reveal that an unidentified company found a file that is believed to be from Clinton’s emails – and partly written by Russia – on a Romanian server that had “the names of known or suspected jihadists in Libya” on it.

The file was found as result of Judicial Watch’s efforts to find evidence that Clinton’s email server was hacked.

The Examiner‘s report continues:

A Romanian hacker breached [Sidney] Blumenthal’s inbox in 2013 and exposed Clinton’s private email address for the first time, forcing her to change her username. Clinton’s allies have argued that hack did not compromise any of Clinton’s files.

However, the potentially classified file “did not come from Blumenthal’s server,” the witness said. Upon discovering the list of names, the individual who had been hired to conduct the online investigation “became concerned he had found a classified document and stopped the project.”

Throughout the campaign, Hillary Clinton has constantly maintained that “there is no evidence my system was hacked.” But as the Daily Wire has reported, the FBI has concluded that Clinton’s server was indeed hacked and the hacker “logged into the compromised email, read messages, and browsed attachments using a service called Tor.” The information that was likely compromised included “conducting missile-armed drone strikes against terrorists.”

Based on the FBI notes, it would appear that the file with names of Islamic terrorists winding up on a Romanian server is another example of Clinton’s email server being hacked.

If Clinton were to be confronted on this, she would likely just say she can’t recall. She has a penchant for doing that.

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