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Report: Chicago Only Wants To Buy Back Black People’s Guns

By  Aaron Bandler

A gun rights organization is alleging that the gun buyback program in Chicago, IL is only interested in buying back guns from black people.

According to Guns Save Life, five of their members – all of whom are white – attempted to exchange their guns for a $100 pre-paid credit card. But all of their guns were denied.

“We won’t be taking those today,” said a woman from the mayor’s office, whom the author described as “surly.”

The author offered the woman a zip gun to be exchanged, and she simply said she didn’t even know what it was.

One of their members overheard the woman saying that they rejected the author and his wife’s long guns because “they are gun dealers who want to unload guns that won’t sell,” even though the author claims that he’s not a dealer.

The rest of the GSL members were also allegedly rejected from participating in the gun buyback program. As they observed the way the buyback program was conducted, they noticed a clear pattern.

“We watched first-hand as every Caucasian person who walked into the facility were curtly told their firearms would not be accepted, while African-American individuals with similar quantities and types of firearms were welcomed with open arms,” the author wrote.

The reason given for refusing to take back some of the guns from whites was that they weren’t part of the community, although the author claims that two of the GSL members are in fact part of the community, while another lives in a nearby suburb.

The author also alleges that they spoke with a couple of Chicago police officers who claimed that they couldn’t “make a real arrest” earlier that morning because they couldn’t leave their shift monitoring the buyback program.

A blog called Second City Cop offered the following response to GSL’s firsthand experience with Chicago’s buyback program:

We’re trying to decide on the message here. White-owned guns are bad? Only black-owned guns are worthy of being turned in for $100, even though those probably aren’t the guns being used on shootings? White people should keep their evil guns while black people should be disarmed? White people aren’t to be allowed to benefit from a program that is supposed to render black neighborhoods safer? Profiling white people is okay?

We’re so confused.

Chicago already has an absurdly high murder rate, and there’s no evidence that gun buyback programs help reduce violence.

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