REPORT: Remember That Anti-Trump San Juan Mayor? Her Office Is Being Investigated By The FBI For Corruption.

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz won the hearts of the mainstream media and late night talk show hosts for her attacks on President Donald Trump following a devastating hurricane in Puerto Rico. The Democrat, as you might recall, repeatedly criticized Trump for his response to Hurricane Maria and even wore a “Nasty” t-shirt on air with CNN to jab the president.

But it looks like it’s Yulín Cruz’s office that’s under fire for possible corruption that affected the relief effort.

Yulín Cruz’s administration “is now being investigated for alleged corruption,” The Epoch Times reports. Local news outlets are reporting that FBI officials are investigating “several suppliers” for misbehavior and collusion, along with the mayor’s office.

“It says the investigation was launched after former procurement director Yadira Molina filed a lawsuit claiming she faced punishment for reporting illegal activities to the local comptroller. The investigation has since grown to include several contractors,” notes The Epoch Times.

Molina sued the city council in February, claiming she was blocked from fully reporting on wrongdoing and corruption and faced retaliation, including property damage and death threats, for uncovering such unsavory behavior from the mayor’s administration.

The FBI has yet to confirm or deny the alleged investigation.

Though Yulín Cruz won praise from the Left for her Trump attacks, the mayor fell into hot water for her own city’s (and country’s) glaring mismanagement of the relief effort, including losing emergency supplies delivered by the United States. As reported by The Daily Wire in October, the mayor delivered a press conference “in front of hundreds of cartons of unopened food that were sitting on the tarmac at San Juan’s airport, and Sunday morning, word spread that thousands of pounds of aid were sitting, still in shipping containers, in the port of San Juan.”


“Even MSNBC was forced to confirm that lifesaving supplies, some from the U.S., can’t reach their intended destinations because Puerto Rico’s leadership is having a difficult time wrangling their own disaster aid. Shipping company Crowley told local media that 9,500 containers of food, water, medicine, clothing and other supplies are sitting at the dock, but they’ve only been able to dispatch about 4% of the 3,000 shipping containers to which Crowley has access,” reported The Daily Wire.

As noted by The Blaze, there has already been an investigation into allegedly corrupt officials from Puerto Rico who withheld and mishandled FEMA supplies, ongoing since October. “One local official was even accused of packing his car full of the critical supplies meant for storm victims.”

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