Reddit Boyfriend, You Need To Dump Your Vegan Girlfriend


I love to respond to Reddit users wondering if they are in the wrong regarding certain social situations.

These Reddit posts are known as “Am I The A**hole? (AITA)” and the users are asking the Reddit community if they are — well — an a-hole.

So today, I came across a Reddit post that said, “AITA for telling GF that I will not stop using butter?”

Right off the bat, that title made me think he’s not an a-hole. Perhaps he’s doing something crazy. Maybe he’s using the butter for all the wrong reasons.

Let’s review what he says, and then I will make a judgment. Here’s the post:

GF was a vegetarian when we started dating and is now completely vegan with no exceptions.

I am very meat conscious, and only eat it on holidays. I try to avoid animal products in general because of my GF, but personally have no problem with eating locally sourced/humane animal products including meat. I also eat eggs daily from my backyard chickens and butter for cooking. GF and I used to rotate cooking meals. GF now refuses to eat the meals I prepare because I use butter in most of my recipes.

I told her if she didn’t like what I made she doesn’t have to eat it, but I feel like I compromised a lot in order to satisfy her lifestyle, and it’s not fair for her to expect me to make completely vegan meals.

She says I am not respecting her choice to be vegan. She says she can’t make me vegan, but the least i could do is prepare vegan meals. I told her that I sacrificed eating lot’s of animal products i enjoy to respect her, while she hasn’t done anything for me. Such as eating my dishes were the only animal product is butter.

I told her I am making meals with no meat, no eggs, but I don’t like the vegan substitute for butter when I make my creamy dishes. such as pot pie (with fake chicken). I am trying to accommodate but it feels like i’m the only one giving anything up


You are absolutely not the a-hole. 

The vegan here is the a-hole — which tends to always be the case. They’re very demanding. They decide they want to live a certain lifestyle, then it becomes a cult, and they try to force everybody to go along with it — especially those closest to them.

By the way, it’s great that you’ve decided to respect her so much by eating more of these substitute drops of crap. If you actually look at the ingredients in all these vegan substitutes, then you might as well just eat the real thing. It’s far healthier.

My real question is, what is she doing for you out of respect? You value her, but does she value you? Will she make you a chicken dish for example? Or, if she wants you to make her vegan meals, would she ever make you a carnivore meal?

Wouldn’t she probably say ‘Oh, I don’t want to do that because I have now decided that veganism is my new religion — and by religion, I mean cult.’ I think she would.

So it doesn’t really make sense for her to demand that you not consume butter — which, by the way, is a healthy fat that is good for you.

I don’t know the vegan rules. I do know there are way too many of them. I also know that if she continues being this strict vegan, then she’s probably going to end up sick because we are meant to eat meat.

Because I just said that, I also know I am going to have a ton of evil vegan people messaging me and saying evil vegan things.

Anytime I take on the vegans, I get bombarded.

It is a cult.

When vegans hear somebody give an opinion that is separate from their own beliefs, they attack and go ballistic online, and create videos, saying, ‘Oh my Goodness. Look at this person saying they proudly consume meat, what should we do? We’re all going to attack! We’re all going to attack because you can’t be a carnivore!’

Now, if you do eat meat and somebody says,’I’m a vegan!,’ most carnivores will say, ’OK, that’s fine. It’s your life, your choice.’

Not with vegans. Those freaks say, ‘I don’t eat meat, and neither should you.’

They are little princesses in their own minds. I find them all to be annoying.

To the Reddit poster, I think you need a new girlfriend. If you leave her and you date someone who eats meat, then you’re going to have a way better time.

Just try it. You’ll be reminded that people can go out to eat and not get accosted by a psychopath sitting across from them, yelling at them for eating butter.

I should also note it’s good to know where your meat comes from — making sure it’s humane and healthy. I do the exact same thing.

There is definitely a way to be a conscious meat eater, but I haven’t met one vegan whom I want to be friends with because they are just so cultish and demanding.

 So, Reddit boyfriend, I rule you not the a-hole.

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