‘Real Housewives’ Alum Kelly Dodd Said Bravo Fined Her $16,000 For Wearing ‘Drunk Wives Matter’ Hat
Kelly Dodd
Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

“Real Housewives of Orange County” star Kelly Dodd says she got punished for sporting a novelty hat that she didn’t purchase for herself.

The 46-year-old reality star made the claim during an episode of the “Behind the Velvet Rope” podcast on Monday. “I got fined for wearing a ‘Drunk Wives Matter’ hat, and I didn’t even buy it,” the Bravo star explained during the interview.

“It was given to me and I didn’t wear it on the show. It was at my bridal shower, and I got dinged for that,” she continued.

Host David Yontef asked Dodd how much she was charged and the RHOC alum revealed the huge sum. She also elaborated on how the hat was only part of what the charges encompassed.

“I got $16,000, and they wouldn’t tell me why, but I know one of those reasons was wearing that hat,” Dodd said. “It was general behavior, of why I got charged [$16,000].”

She explained how Bravo reps refused to elaborate on the “specifics” of why she was being charged. But Dodd insists the hat was a huge culprit because of the network’s involvement with the Black Lives Matter movement.

“I know I caused them a lot of grief because they did promote BLM so much,” the reality star alleged.

Dodd’s bridal shower was a source of controversy for plenty of reasons besides just her headwear. In October 2020, the RHOC celeb faced backlash for the bridal shower due to the lack of social distancing and to the fact that none of the party attendees were wearing masks. 

At the time, Dodd described the celebration as “an amazing bridal shower” and shared photos on Instagram. One of her followers commented on how it was more like a “Covid party.” The reality star replied, “no one is sick,” with a masked face emoji. 

Another commenter said they “wish she was more responsible” during the coronavirus pandemic. To that, Dodd replied that she’s “never been sick” before describing COVID as, “a super flu not a death sentence!”

In other photos of the 2020 event, Dodd and other partygoers are photographed holding and wearing face masks.

Some fans were upset about the “Drunk Wives Matter” hat as well. One of Dodd’s followers called the slogan “insensitive” just months after the Black Lives Matter organized protests that summer. 

“It’s not [insensitive],” Dodd replied to the person. “My girlfriend bought it for me as a gift. It’s a play on words. Some people aren’t that smart.”

“You know what, all lives matter,” Dodd said in a deleted Instagram video, according to E Online. “People that can’t get a joke, go f*** yourselves.”

Dodd is no stranger to speaking her mind and has a history of causing controversy with her words and her clothing. She also incited outrage in April 2020 for saying COVID-19 was, “God’s way of thinning the herd.” 

“If it’s dangerous why are the airlines still flying?” Dodd wrote in response to a fan criticizing her getting on a plane. “You think I want to fly? I had to get back, how is that elitist? People are so judgemental [sic] it’s sick!”

“Do you know how many people died from the H1N1, the swine flu or SARS?” the “Real Housewives” star continued.

“It’s 25% get your facts straight you are only hearing numbers not the reality! It’s God’s way of thinning the herd! If you are vulnerable or compromised stay inside. If you don’t protect others by wearing masks and gloves keep your distance and don’t go out if you are ill!! It’s common sense!”

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