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Ratings and Reputation: CNN Had a Very Bad, No Good, Awful February

By  John Nolte

CNN’s reputation and brand, which was already sliding off the charts, took a tremendous hit in February, a hit the now-official Least Trusted Name In News could not afford, as it was already in last place when compared to Fox News and MSNBC. Moreover, CNN also sunk to last place in total primetime viewers.

According to an ongoing YouGov survey, CNN’s brand-collapse began back in June. As the left-wing network became even more strident and nakedly transparent in its crusade to personally destroy Donald Trump, all in an effort to make Hillary Clinton president, CNN’s descent from first place in the brand-survey, to last place, was at first a slow one. In October and November, as the Clinton News Network pulled out all the stops and kitchen sinks in its arsenal against Trump, the bottom fell out.

Although CNN never came close to reclaiming its reputation in full, by January, CNN had at least managed to climb into second place ahead of MSNBC. But throughout January and February, a precipitous drop into a distant last place was once again achieved.

It is also worthy of note that the exact opposite has happened to Fox News. During this same time period, FNC’s reputation climbed considerably.

The reasons for this are obvious. CNN star-anchor Jake Tapper appears to have gone off his meds of late, most notably during near-meltdowns where he melodramatically referred to Trump as either “unmoored,” “unhinged” and even “un-American.”

There was also CNN’s hysterical and intentional overplaying of the so-called Golden Showers Dossier, which ended up backfiring on the network … bigly.

CNN closed out February on a very special high note, when morning anchor Chris Cuomo (who has earned last place in total viewership for two entire years) waded into the transgender bathroom debate, and suggested there was something wrong with a 12-year-old girl (or her father) who didn’t want to see a penis in a locker room.

Ask me again why I call CNN Hitler.

In worse news for CNN, throughout the heavy news month of February, not only did CNN come in last place for total primetime viewers, Fox News beat both CNN and MSNBC combined.

Fox News averaged 1.75 million total day viewers and 2.9 million primetime viewers.

MSNBC averaged 807,000 total day viewers and 1.5 million primetime viewers.

CNN averaged 853,000 total day viewers and a measly 1.188 million primetime viewers.

During the coveted primetime hours, CNN is losing to MSNBC!

How is that even possible?

CNN will pretend this is all good because they are beating MSNBC in a demo preferred by advertisers, but that has zippo to do with reaching and impacting voters, which of course is the left-wing network’s primary objective.

On average, fewer than a million people are tuning into CNN throughout the day. That is less than 1% of the adult population.

The American people don’t — for very good reason — trust CNN, they don’t like CNN, and they don’t watch CNN.

God bless America.

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