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Radical Muslims Assault Christian Widow’s Children In Kenya

Radical Muslims attacked a Somali widow and her three children in their home on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya earlier this month over their Christian faith. The sons, ages 13 and 21 and daughter age 17, were seriously injured in the attack.

Morning Star News reports that the attack took place after the family returned home from a funeral. Hadiya, who requested her children remain anonymous for security reasons, arrived home on November 11. Her children had gone to bed when a group of men began banging on the door. Despite attempts to keep the invaders at bay, the radical Muslims managed to break into the house.

One reportedly shouted, “We have warned you several times to stop taking the children to church! You have become an embarrassment to our clan as well as the entire Muslim community. We are here today to finish you and your children!”

The children tried to flee from the house, but the attackers stopped them and began to severely beat the family.

Neighbors heard the cries for help and immediately ran to assist the family, causing the invaders to flee from the scene.

One neighbor explained, “When we arrived at the scene of the incident, the attackers fled.” He added, “We took the three to a nearby clinic before their mother arrived and then transferred them to a government health center, where the youngest child was discharged, while two who were seriously injured were admitted for four days.”

Hadiya said that the attack was so severe there were blood stains throughout the front room. She described how her children live in fear since the attack. “It is not safe for us to stay in this particular place,” she said. “We need prayers and financial help at this difficult moment.”

All three of her children suffered serious injuries from the attack and are in a constant state of pain after suffering severe blows to their torso and legs.

Hadiya, like many Christians, fled from Somalia to escape persecution from radical Muslims who control the country. Despite moving to Kenya, many Christians have been targeted by Islamic extremists who consider it apostasy for a Somali to leave their religion.

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