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NO END IN SIGHT: Radical Muslims In Nigeria Still Terrorizing Christians

By  Jacob Airey

In a relentless campaign of persecution, radical Muslim Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria are assaulting, kidnapping, and, in some cases, murdering anyone who professes faith in the Bible.

In late November, peaceful residents of Kwanti in the Kaduna State were awakened about midnight when Muslim terrorists led a brutal assault on the village, according to a Morning Star News report. They attacked several villagers, leading to the closure of the region’s Assemblies of God church, Baptist church, EKAS church, and the Roman Catholic church.

AG church member Madami Agiya, who had previously been released as a hostage in March, watched as his two adult sons, Eli Madami, 30, and Hassan Madami, 25, were murdered in front of his eyes.

“They started shooting, and as we made efforts to run out of the house they shot and killed two of my sons,” Agiya said.

Agiya’s wife, Martha Madami, and his 22-year-old niece were taken hostage, but were returned safely after their families paid a ransom to the terrorists.

“During the attack, the armed Fulani kidnappers took away mobile phones belonging to my two sons they shot dead,” he said. “It was these two mobile phones that they used in communicating with us and giving instructions to us as to how and where to drop the ransom for the women.”

This marks the fourth attack on Kwanti village this year, leading to half a dozen deaths and several kidnappings and ransom demands.

Muslim extremists have also attacked Christians living in Kano, Plateau, and Riyom states, leading to hundreds of deaths, disappearances and kidnappings. The Nigerian government seems unable or unwilling to assist.

Most of the villagers in Kwanti have decided to move away from the region out of fear that the Islamic radicals will bring more bloodshed to their families. As a result, the village has become a virtual ghost town.

“Pray for us, as we have been forced to abandon our homes. We do not know what to do, as security agencies in Kaduna State are unable to stop the attacks on us,” Agiya told the Morning Star.

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