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Racist Charleston Butcher Dylann Roof: ‘I Do Not Regret What I Did’

By  Aaron Bandler

Dylann Roof, the racist butcher who slaughtered nine people in a church at Charleston, SC, has zero regrets about his barbaric actions.

In the weeks following his massacre, Roof wrote in a jailhouse journal, “I do not regret what I did. I am not sorry. I have not shed a tear for the innocent people I killed.”

Roof’snracism continued to flow out in the pages of the journal.

“I do feel sorry for the innocent white children forced to live in this sick country and I do feel sorry for the innocent white people that are killed daily at the hands of the lower race,” Roof wrote. “I have shed a tear of self-pity for myself. I feel pity that I had to do what I did in the first place. I feel pity that I had to give up my life because of a situation that should never have existed.”

Roof’s manifesto explains that his race obsession began when he saw the media hype around George Zimmerman fatally shooting Trayvon Martin, but yet there was no coverage of black-on-white murders. This somehow led to Roof’s twisted, bizarre conclusion that he needed to murder blacks.

“I have no choice,” Roof wrote. “I am not in the position to, alone, go into the ghetto and fight. I chose Charleston because it is most historic city in my state, and at one time had the highest ratio of blacks to Whites in the country. We have no skinheads, no real KKK, no one doing anything but talking on the internet. Well someone has to have the bravery to take it to the real world, and I guess that has to be me.”

Joey Meek, a friend of Roof’s, told CNN that Roof longed for the days of segregation and aimed to launch a race war.

“He wanted it to be white with white, and black with black,” Meek said. “He had it in his mind, and he didn’t really let nobody know (what he was going to do).”

“I do not regret what I did. I am not sorry. I have not shed a tear for the innocent people I killed.”

Dylann Roof

Nobody took Roof seriously, as he constantly used racial slurs as a manner of joking and had nonwhite friends, but it turns out that Roof was serious–and deadly. When Roof was committing his evil actions in the Charleston church, he coldly told one of the survivors that he had “to do this, because y’all are raping our women and y’all are taking over our world.”

Federal prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for Roof, who isn’t even angling for the insanity defense, as he calls psychology a “Jewish invention.” It’s safe to say that nobody will be shedding any tears for Roof should he be sentenced to death.

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