‘Questions Need To Be Answered’: Tim Pool Says New Muse Video A ‘Shot-For-Shot Remake’ Of His Video
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YouTube host and content creator Tim Pool said Monday that he has some “questions that need to be answered” concerning a March 9-released video promo from the popular band Muse.

About a year-and-a-half ago, Pool released a music video, “Will of the People,” and says he sees many similarities between his video and a video by Muse with the same name. He goes so far as to call Muse’s release a “shot-for-shot remake” of his video.

During his live stream on Monday night, Pool emphasized that he’s a fan of the band and merely wants “questions to be answered,” though he did find the similarities suspect.

Pool also said that he has heavily invested in the project and has two sequel songs and videos in the works, underscoring his need to protect his work.

When the creator first heard that Muse launched a song and album called “Will of the People,” just as his video is titled, Pool said he thought nothing of it. But after checking out the video this weekend, the creator said he would describe Muse’s work as “a live-action version, shot-for-shot of the intro and parts of the ending of [Pool’s] ‘Will of the People.'”

Here are the two screenshots Pool shared on his Twitter; the first is from his video, and the second from Muse’s.

Tim Pool


Some of the similar components on their own, he argued, are not alarming, but together, with the same name as his song, seems potentially suspect.

“A lot of people said, the idea of the statues being pulled down, you don’t own. And I said, right. And they said, the idea of an orange sky, you don’t own. I said, yeah. They said, the phrase, ‘will of the people,’ you don’t own. I said, okay,” Pool detailed. “And then I said, the name, the ground shot, followed by the base shot of a statue under an orange sky with ropes pulling down the statues is pretty much a live-action remake of what we made.”

Pool said he has to be in talks with Warner Records and Muse about these similarities, especially since he has more content in the works connected to his “Will of the People” project.

“Warner and Muse, you have to be talking to us,” Pool emphasized. “You have to.”

Here’s Pool’s video:

You can access Muse’s promo video for “Will of the People,” here.

Pool discussed the similarities on his Timcast stream Monday night, which can be viewed, below:

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