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Pussy Hats And Church Hymns: A Tale Of Two Movements

The pro-life movement and the feminist movement could not be more different, and this sharp contrast was on full display over the weekend.

For the very first time, I had the opportunity to attend the March for Life in Washington, D.C. The crowds were massive — it’s the largest annual human rights march in the world — and the people were cheerful, warm, and full of joy. The theme of the event was, fittingly: “love saves lives.”

Families proudly pushed their babies with Down syndrome — an abnormality we, as a society, are urgently told to dispose of — in their strollers with smiles on their faces; former abortion clinic workers held signs proclaiming that life matters; teens chanted about their love for babies and held clever and playful signs; single mothers boasted of the children they chose to keep thanks to pro-life pregnancy centers and religious organizations; a Congresswoman told the masses of the miracle birth of her daughter who was supposed to die upon delivery; and the faithful said prayers aloud in unison and sang church hymns.

The message, “love saves lives,” was intricately woven into every beat of the march.

In stark contrast, just one day later, feminists and their soy latte-drinking allies took to the streets for the Women’s March. (I was not in D.C. to catch the official march, but I was in NYC, which held a large Women’s March gathering.)

The women were a combination of young virtue-signaling non-victims who long to see themselves as victims, and their elders: women who have followed the rules of feminism and ended up in despair; scorned, alone, and angry.

Apparently, not getting the memo to #resist transphobia, there were more than enough women rocking so-called “pussy hats” to make you want to vomit. Their vulgar signs — many depicting the poop emoji with Trump’s hair, vaginas, and penises — and chants called for President Donald Trump’s impeachment for various reasons, none of which were compelling nor grounded in reality and facts. The theme of the event, from what I could gather: buck democracy and oust our duly elected president and kill as many babies as possible in the name of Feminism.

Mind you, this march was toned-down dramatically from last year, when Madonna spoke about her dreams of blowing up the White House and Ashley Judd engaged in painful slam-poetry about her period (among other nonsense).

It was day and night from the annual March for Life on Friday to the Women’s March some 24-hours later. The former was full of love, life, diversity, and joy; the latter, filled with rage, scorn, vulgarities, and hatred — clear indications of what these two movements represent and fight for.

The feminist movement, as exposed through these marches, is off-key and reactionary, often to their own movement’s standards. These women are not fighting for those oppressed and without rights, they’re ignoring such women to advance abortion as some sort of “empowerment” movement and, ironically, preying on our most vulnerable: voiceless babies in the womb.

It’s much nicer on this side, feminists, where we fight for the vulnerable unborn and their vulnerable often-abused mothers. Come join us.

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