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PROOF: CNN Knows Climate Change Is a Big Fat Hoax

CNN, which is now, and for good reason, officially the least trusted name in cable news, published a breathlessly misleading (would you expect anything else?) report about Global Cooling Global Warming Climate Change Wednesday. The headline screamed: “2016 Was The Hottest Year On Record — Again.”

Now I don’t want to get too bogged down in the debunking details, so I’ll be quick…

1. Scientists claim that global temperatures have increased 1 degree Celsius/2 degrees Fahrenheit since pre-industrial times. Even if that’s true, which I doubt, that is actually a good thing. Fewer people die when the planet is warmer. We can grow more food. Heating requires more energy than cooling.

2. We have only been tracking global temperature for about 140 years, or 0.000000000001% of the life of the earth (I might be off a few zeroes either way). To say we have no idea how the planet naturally cycles, is the understatement of all time.

3. On more than one occasion, scientists have been caught lying about global temperatures. The whole institution is a partisan-profit racket, and one where those who dare question the “consensus” are harassed and threatened — you know, just like Copernicus was.

4. Remember when these same people told us the planet was cooling? Super Hurricanes were on the way? The ozone layer was disappearing? The oceans would be dead by now? Arctic ice was disappearing? Manhattan would be underwater by now? I do. And it was all lies.

5. No one who says they believe in Climate Change behaves as though they believe in Climate Change. After all, it is mostly Leftists who infest the coasts, and this is where all the flooding is supposed to take place. If these people truly believe this calamity is real, wouldn’t they sell their property before it loses all of its value?

Which brings me to the proof that CNN does not believe in the Climate Change hoax they are shamelessly promoting — proof, by the way, that CNN hides in its own article:

Climate models consistently show that if CO2 continues to be released into the atmosphere at the current rate, temperatures will continue to climb well above 2 degrees Celsius, according to the latest from Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

That creates real consequences, from rising sea levels — threatening low-lying islands and cities like Miami Beach, Florida — to searing droughts and mass-extinction in the natural world. [emphasis added]

Note how CNN uses Miami as its example of a “low-lying … city” in danger of “rising sea levels.”

Why Miami and not, say, Manhattan?

After all, many of the scientists CNN quotes extensively, also claim Manhattan will be underwater by as soon as 2015.

Oh, wait… 2015 has already passed and Manhattan is NOT underwater.

So the date has now been moved to 2018, I mean, 2045… Whatever. What we do know is that the scientific community CNN holds up as infallible, also believe the flooding of Manhattan is imminent.


Why, then, is CNN moving its major operations out of Atlanta, a city far removed from the dangers of rising sea levels, and into New York, a city in imminent danger of flooding?

But here is the biggie…

Time Warner, the company that owns CNN, just invested in SEVEN new buildings located in Hudson Yards, a part of Manhattan just a block or two away from the water. An area that, according to its own CNN, will soon be underwater, and therefore utterly and completely worthless.

Here is a portion of the Time Warner press release announcing the move:

After two years of research and planning – including input from across our divisions and many of you – we’re moving forward with a plan to relocate our New York City-based employees at Corporate, HBO, Turner, and Warner Bros. to a new building beginning in late 2018. …

Today, we announced the sale of our office space in Time Warner Center, and we have taken initial steps to acquire space in a new building that will be constructed on the southwest corner of 10th Avenue and 33rd Street in New York City’s Hudson Yards development.

Couple questions… 1) Did those “two years of research” not include CNN’s ongoing Climate hysteria? 2) If CNN’s parent company doesn’t believe CNN, why should we?

And therein lies the bottom line.

These people are not just liars, they are brazen and audacious liars who, in full view of all of us, prove time and again through their own behavior and billion-dollar investments, that they know Climate Change is a hoax.

If all these media companies want to start to convince me that they truly believe the planet is in real danger, they will start unloading their Manhattan holdings and move inland.

But they don’t.

Because they know it is all BS, and by extension, we know it is all posturing and fear-mongering and leftwing propaganda designed to help the Left reach its existential goal… The empowering of a central government, and an America where the Feds outlaw developing whatever land they can’t steal, which means the rest of us are forced to live in “sustainable” crime-ravaged cities, while our Political and Media Ruling Class enjoy the life of the one-percent on the slopes of Aspen and in one of their seven Manhattan high-rises.

These are not good people.

Stay ungovernable, America.

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