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Prom-Bound Teens Disciplined By School For Singing Along To ‘Racially Offensive’ Rap Song

High school teenagers are facing disciplinary action handed down from district administration after singing along to a popular rap song on their way to prom.

According to WHEC news, a viral Snapchat video showed the students singing to rapper Lil Uzi Vert’s hit “You Was Right” in a limo headed to junior prom. The song includes sexual language and the N-word.

“The video showed the students in a limo singing along to a ‘song that included racially offensive language.’ The district met with concerned students and students who produced the video on Tuesday,” the report said.

In a statement from Webster Central School District sent to WHEC, administration said that involved students’ parents were contacted so they “could discuss the hurtful and offensive language that was heard in the video.”

“Webster CSD was recently made aware of a video that was made on Saturday, June 1, during a limo ride as Webster Schroeder High School students were attending the junior prom. The video showed students singing along to a song that included racially offensive language,” the statement read. “Webster CSD takes these matters very seriously and the building administration has been in contact with the students in the video. Parents were also contacted so that they, too, could discuss the hurtful and offensive language that was heard in the video.”

“Today, very productive restorative sessions took place involving Webster Schroeder’s administrators, students who expressed their dismay and concern with this particular video, and students who produced the video,” the statement continued.

The school district noted that it “cannot legally share any student disciplinary action as that would be a violation of both student and family privacy.”

Last month, two California high school students faced disciplinary action for a prom-related photo that included the spelling of the N-word. The Daily Wire reported:

“One of the students (neither of whom are being named) asked the other out with a sign that read: ‘[Name] you are racist but I would give anything for you to go with me to prom.’ Certain letters in the person’s name and on the rest of the sign were capitalized and written boldly to spell out the N-word. The image shows the two students smiling and laughing as they hold the sign.”

For context, the song lyrics to “You Was Right” are posted below:

Hit it from the back watch a n**** bless you
(If Young Metro don’t trust you I’m gon’ shoot you)
Crying in my arms like a n**** wrecked you
(Metro Boomin’ want some more, n****)
Ya alright, alright, alright
You was right I was wrong
Ya I should’ve never ever took her home
Ya I should’ve just boned
Ya fantasy on my phone
Ya hit it from the back watch a n**** bless you
Ya crying in my arms like a n**** wrecked you
Talking about a broken heart running to the restroom
Looked at my momma just like we rich
Looked at my b**** like we rich
Said we ain’t got no minor setbacks
Counting all that money told that n**** just to bet that
I, I know that you ain’t got it boy why you ain’t just say that
They see I got that money, now his b**** like I said that
I don’t pay that hoe no mind I been had that
When I saw my girl ya you know I had to bag that
And before me f*** n**** s ya they had that
Five n****s including me I had to back back
Try to diss me I take it to your family
I f*** your sister then make sure that she vanish