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Project Veritas Releases ‘Deep State Unmasked’ Video: ‘Resist Everything. Every Level. F*** S*** Up’

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has released their first dose of undercover footage allegedly revealing the shadowy actors of the “deep state.” In Tuesday’s footage, an employee of the State Department and a member of the Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) admits to working on DSA work while on the clock and makes it clear that his goal is to “resist everything” at “every level.”

State Department employee Stuart Karaffa tells undercover Project Veritas reporters that he drafts communication for his DSA activism on the taxpayers’ dime, though he’s careful not to leave a “paper trail.”

“I’m careful about it,” he says in the footage. “I don’t leave a paper trail, like I leave emails, and like any press s*** that comes up I leave that until after 5:30. But as soon as 5:31 hits, got my, like, draft messages ready to send out.”

Karaffa also boasts about assisting the DSA by monitoring Virginia campaign finance and election news while on the clock.

“You could put two and two together probably,” says the State Department employee. “So with web traffic, I mean I could make the case before a court of law that — I’m going to the Virginia sort of, campaign finance website — that I’m just interested in what people are doing politically. But if they also go and look at like DSA minutes and like Officer positions they’ll be like, ‘That’s weird, you were the co-chair of the electoral caucus, and you spent three hours on a Virginia campaign finance website.'”

“Maybe someday I’ll go to board of elections jail, probably not,” Karaffa scoffs. It’s unlikely, he explains, because of the weak oversight and strong protection for firing.

“I have nothing to lose. It’s impossible to fire federal employees,” he says, adding that “nobody knows” about his on-the-job DSA activism.

Karaffa also notes that government disclosure forms are merely “rubber stamped.”

“I don’t know if [the ethics officer is] all there. He’s so checked out,” he says.

Karaffa also seemingly advocates for the so-called “resistance” movement. “Resist everything,” he says. “Every level. F*** s*** up.”

“We’ve heard a lot about the ‘deep State’; holdovers from the previous administration resisting change or nameless and faceless bureaucrats slowing things down or leaking secrets in an effort to undermine this administration,” explains O’Keefe. “What is truly striking is their boldness, they are not afraid. They are even boastful about a warped reality, where they won’t get caught and can’t get fired even if they did.”

O’Keefe promises more “deep state” footage to come.


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