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Leftists Lose It: Victoria’s Secret is ‘Racist’!

From dining out on ethnic food to joining the local yoga studio, the political left has been there to call us all racists, because, apparently, engaging in culture other than your own is “cultural appropriation.” Thankfully, as the stunning presidential election of Republican Donald Trump has indicated, the American people have rejected such grievance-based intolerant identity politicking.

Still, the left has learned no lessons through defeat, simply doubling down on their old antics, as insufferable feminist magazine Cosmopolitan illustrated on Wednesday.

In a piece fittingly titled “Why Can’t Victoria’s Secret Stop Designing Racist Lingerie?” Cosmo scolds iconic fashion designer and billion-dollar manufacturer of women’s clothing Victoria’s Secret for—wait for it—being super-racist. Author Helin Jung explains that the recent Victoria’s Secret fashion show featured models wearing lingerie inspired from Asian cultures. Gasp! Further, a Nepalese woman designed their jewelry, which was also Asian-inspired. Pure. Unadulterated. Racism.

“[D]on’t let yourself be hoodwinked by Victoria’s Secret’s brazen attempt to re-label what is clearly cultural appropriation by turning it into a celebration of ‘culture,'” warns Jung. “The brand and its creative leads shamelessly cherry-picked imagery, breaking apart aesthetic references from wherever they wanted and stitching them back together again. They’re telling us it’s worldliness. It’s not, it’s a hack job.”

A hack job!

Jung goes on, explaining that the sporting of Chinese-inspired garments is “condescending” to the Chinese.

“But the Orientalism on display here doesn’t show an understanding or an attempt at dialogue,” she writes. “It doesn’t close any gaps. What condescension, for Victoria’s Secret to think that by wrapping a model in a dragon, it could connect directly with a new consumer in China.”

Finally, Jung addresses the reality that celebrating other cultures and their beauty, as is the case with Victoria’s Secret here, is actually a good, inclusive, tolerant act of so-called “multi-culturalism.” But, of course, the feminist rejects this notion, proceeding to castigate the brand as racist, and greedy to boot.

“With its positive, pre-emptive spin about globalization and multi-culturalism, Victoria’s Secret seems to have anticipated my response,” Jung concedes. “The brand is leading with the notion that we’re all members of the human race, therefore everything belongs to everyone.

“The fact is that even as the world gets more connected, a sexist, patriarchal, mostly white corporation continues to take what it wants for its own gain. Its exploitation of these cultural references is meant to lead directly to profits. And I’m not buying it,” she concludes.

In sum, everything is racist, even multiculturalism.