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Professor Harasses Muslim Colleague For Voting Trump: ‘GO TO HELL’

A left-wing Georgetown University associate professor viciously harassed her Muslim former colleague for over a month after she publicly announced that she voted for President-elect Donald Trump on November 8, reports The Daily Caller.

Former Georgetown journalism professor and Wall Street Journal reporter Asra Q. Nomani penned an op-ed in The Washington Post on November 10, revealing herself as a “silent secret Trump voter” and explaining why she, a Muslim woman and self-styled liberal, pulled the lever for the real estate mogul and not Hillary, whom she was apparently expected to vote for by the left.

This, as you might imagine, triggered oh-so-tolerant leftists everywhere. Nomani belonged to the left. How dare she break rank?

Nomani’s former colleague and friend, “Peace and Security Studies” professor C. Christine Fair, lost her mind over the news, scolding Nomani for voting Trump and relentlessly harassing her via social media for over a month.

Fair called Nomani a “wretch” and “clueless dolt” and accused her of normalizing the “Nazis in DC” in countless public Facebook and Twitter messages. “Don’t forget 2 register,” she ominously told the Muslim woman. In private direct messages on Twitter, Fair told Nomani to “f*** off” and “go to hell.”

“I recommend you take a deep breath & step away from the keyboard,” replied Nomani. “I love you [C. Christine Fair], & will no matter how much hate you direct at me.”

Fair responded by calling Nomani a “fame-mongering clown show” and a “fraud” and blamed Nomani for her incivility. A rational reaction to someone showing you grace and forgiveness.

The hate continued. On December 6, Fair took to Facebook to pen an open letter to Nomani “and her Trump supporting ilk.”

(Screenshot via The Daily Caller)

Fair defends her actions, randomly proclaims that she “loves sluts” because “they have integrity” and ends with a lovely “F*** YOU. GO TO HELL” directed at Nomani.

Nomani originally filed a complain with Georgetown University on December 2 and decided ten days later that she would file a formal complaint as the harassment did not relent. The Daily Caller reports:

“Nomani sent the formal complaint Dec. 23, the same day Fair called her an atheist on Twitter. Publicly stating a Muslim is an apostate by calling them an atheist on Twitter could have serious repercussions. Radical Islamic extremists often declare civilians apostates before attacking them, because in their interpretation of the Quran, renouncing Islam is punishable by death.”

“The attacks against me by a professor at Georgetown University are particularly disturbing because Georgetown gave me a home to complete the investigation of the murder of my friend and colleague Danny Pearl by militants in Pakistan,” explained Nomani, a co-founder of the Muslim Reform Movement. “I would like to see Georgetown uphold its values for peace and civil discourse. And I would gently urge anyone who is as disturbed as I am about Prof. Fair’s conduct to remain civil and not engage in any personal attacks because we have to be the civility we want to see in the world.”

Appearing on CNN following her WaPo op-ed, Nomani explained that she sees a crisis within leftism, which she dubbed the “liberal honor birgade.” They shut up the opposition and exhibit no tolerance, she said. Fair was seemingly engaging in performance art.

Watch Nomani’s appearance on CNN, below:

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