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Pro-Transgender ‘Die Cis Scum’ Buttons Sold On Etsy

Pro-transgender “Die Cis Scum” and “TERF Stomper” buttons are being sold on the website Etsy, a massive online marketplace for homemade goods.

People who are “cis” view themselves as the biological sex they were born as; in other words, they do not suffer from gender dysphoria. The acronym “TERF” stands for “transgender exclusionary radical feminists,” a pejorative term used to brand feminists who voice dissenting views about transgender ideology or are critical of the encroachment of “trans rights” on women’s rights.

The buttons are sold in four-packs for $4.99.

“Pin back buttons make a great gift for holidays, Christmas, stocking stuffers, birthdays, graduation, or maybe for you!” reads the description. “Tell em’ what you think!”

According to Etsy, the buttons are sold by Michigan-based “activists” Mj and Dee North, who sell under the name “The Radical Hippie.” “We are long time activists and use our button machine to spread political awareness through fun, vivid color graphics and shiny Mylar,” the activists say.

An online feminist group informed The Daily Wire of the pins on Thursday night. One activist, who wishes to remain anonymous as to avoid targeting from trans activists, told The Daily Wire that the buttons clearly “promote violence against women.”

“So literally ‘Die Cis Scum’ & ‘TERF stomper’ calls for the murders of Women who refuse to submit to the TransCult doctrine of Gender Identity,” the feminist added.

The feminist told The Daily Wire that their concerns regarding transgenderism are not being published by any on the Left.

“Left wing news [organizations] are mostly too afraid of the LGBT Lobby to publish trans critical pieces. Left wing progressives just accept the promotion of transgenderism with out employing any critical thinking at the harm it is causing Women & Girls, as well as LGB youth,” said the feminist.

The buttons were reported to Etsy by an online feminists who goes by the name Claire Shrugged, though it is unclear if the site has a pattern of ridding what they deem inappropriate speech.

The pins are currently still being sold.

“Die TERF Scum” t-shirts are also sold by users on the site.

An online lesbian feminist blogger harshly condemned the buttons in a Monday post, elaborating on the transgender movement’s silencing of feminists who dissent from their ideology.

“A movement that creates buttons that call feminists scum and tell us to die is not a liberation movement, it is anti-feminism. Liberation movements don’t need to take rights away from anybody else, they just fight for rights for oppressed groups,” wrote the feminist.

“But women are silenced by the word Terf,” she continued. “Fear of being labelled [sic] by this word keeps women from speaking their minds. We are afraid of real violence, because trans activists threaten us when we speak and when we gather. Some of us are afraid of losing our jobs if we speak out publicly against gender identity laws that effectively allow anyone at all into women’s washrooms and locker rooms.”