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Pro-Life Leader Lila Rose Issues Bold Statement On Abortion Following Kennedy Retirement

On Wednesday, Live Action founder and president Lila Rose issued a bold statement on abortion in light of the retirement news of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. Rose lauded the news as “an opportunity” to potentially restore “constitutional protections for all human beings, born and unborn.”

In other words, the highly visible pro-life figure said Roe v. Wade could be overturned in the wake of a pro-life appointment.

“If the next justice supports the basic human right to life for all people, we could see the horrific, immoral, and unjust 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade overturned,” Rose bluntly said a statement to The Daily Wire.

“In Roe, seven men fabricated a false ‘right’ for a woman to kill the child in her womb,” she continued. “There is no ‘right’ to kill a human child. Roe resulted in 45 years of bloodshed, confusion, and pain, with millions of men, women, and families profoundly wounded and over 60 million children killed in the womb.”

Rose added that the “right to life” is fundamental in preserving human rights, and should be protected by the government.

“It is the job of government to secure the basic human rights of its people, especially for those that are the most vulnerable,” says the statement. “Science is crystal clear that an individual, unique human life begins at the moment of fertilization, and morality and justice compel us to protect every human life from his or her first moment of existence.”

Rose concluded, “An opportunity to appoint a new justice to the court may mean restored constitutional protections for all human beings, born and unborn.”

Other pro-life leaders, such as CEO & President of Concerned Women for America (CWA) Penny Nance, voiced similar optimism.

“This is the moment conservative women have been waiting for — the chance to return justice and constitutional limits to the nation’s highest court. This is the reason why they voted overwhelmingly for Donald J. Trump over Hillary Clinton,” said Nance in a statement to The Daily Wire.

“This is why 81% of Evangelical women voted for President Trump,” Nance continued. “He was clear from the beginning on the credentials and judicial philosophy he would require of any of his appointees to both the high and lower courts. He has delivered on that promise like no other president in history.”

In strong words, the pro-life leader added that Trump’s “opposition” will react with predicable “phony hysteria,” no matter whom Trump chooses to place on the bench. “We know the script and expect the phony hysteria to reach its climax with the help of the liberal media,” slammed Nance.

But Concerned Women for America is ready for the battle, she said. “We plan to devote considerable resources to this effort, and we expect to win. Our nation is at a pivotal moment, and CWA ladies will be in the center of the action, protecting our future children and grandchildren with grace and dignity,” Nance concluded.

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