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Pro-Abortion Topless Feminists Attack Catholic Church With Firebombs And Poop

On Sunday, some 40,000 pro-abortion topless feminists hit the streets of Resistencia, Argentina, to demand taxpayer-funded on-demand abortion and the legalization of prostitution in a so-called “Boob Protest.”

The Argentina government adheres to the scientific truth that human life begins at conception and outright outlaws abortion except for rare cases where the mother is deemed in danger.

According to a report from Crux, some of the “boob protesters” attacked buildings and a Catholic church in Pope Francis’ native country with tampons and pads covered in red paint, rocks, a Molotov cocktail, feces, inflamed garbage cans, and balloons filled with paint.

“To the Catholic, apostolic, Roman Church, that wants to place itself in our bed, we say that we want to be whores, transvestites and lesbians,” reportedly chanted the women. “If the pope was a woman, abortion would be law,” they also yelled.

The totally sane feminists also painted the phrases, “death to the pope,” “abort the macho,” and “lesbianize yourself” on nearby public buildings.

Moreover, the boob protest participants were allowed access to some interesting workshops:

There were 71 workshops for participants, including “Women and feminism,” which focused on taking the patriarchy out of politics, “Women and sexuality,” “Women and lesbianism,” “Women and maternity,” “Women and sexual and reproductive rights,” “Strategies for legal, safe and free abortion,” “Women and disabilities,” “Women in the fight against drug addiction and drug trafficking,” “Women and cannabis,” “Violence, abuse and sexual harassment,” “Femicides,” and “Feminization of poverty.”

As reported by The Daily Wire in March, feminists in Argentina staged an abortion of baby Jesus outside of a Catholic church.

Persuasive stuff.