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Pregnant Olivia Wilde: I Vote For Abortion Because ‘I’m Literally About To Have A Baby’

In a YouTube video produced by left-leaning Anonymous Content released Tuesday, pregnant actress Olivia Wilde said she’ll be voting for abortion come this November because she’s “literally about to have a baby.”

Uh, what?

The 32-year-old Hillary Clinton backer, using the more palatable euphemism of “reproductive rights,” explained that killing an unborn child is a “basic human right” and foremost in her mind this election.

“This election cycle I’m thinking a lot about reproductive rights,” said Wilde, apparently compelled to join the long list of celebrities lecturing the American people on whom they should vote for this November, it’s “everyone’s right to plan when they want to have a family.”

Abortion is “on my mind,” said the actress, because “I’m literally about to have a baby, like in a minute.”

Wilde is currently pregnant with her second child whose life she “chose” not to terminate.

“[R]eproductive rights” means being “able to decide exactly how and when and why and where I want to have a baby,” she continued. It’s a “basic human right.”

According to Wilde, it’s a “basic human right” for someone to choose which unborn babies deserve life, and which do not, based on their own convenience. She sets no limits for this “right,” so apparently if a woman feels it’s the wrong time or place for her to “have a family,” it’s perfectly acceptable she have an abortionist dismember her baby even at the late stages of development.

“What do you care about?” she asked. “If you care about your future, vote for it.”

Wilde will presumably pull the lever for Hillary, a woman who wishes to overturn the Hyde Amendment, has yet to vocalize any real restrictions on abortion, and as recently as February of this year has defended the gruesome act of partial-birth abortion.

Watch the clip, below:

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