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Precious Snowflakes Throw Tantrums Over Trump Across College Campuses

College students across the country are not happy at all about Donald Trump being elected as president of the United States. This was especially true on college campuses throughout California, where students marched and protested with screams of “F*** Donald Trump!”

Social justice warriors held demonstration at several schools, including University of California Davis, UC Santa Barbara and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. According to the Los Angeles Times, “hundreds marched near the campus, with some chanting, ‘Not my president'” at UCSB and one person waved a Mexican flag.

At Cal Poly, reportedly 400 students chanted, “‘Join Our March, Open Your Heart,’ ‘Dump the Wall, Dump Trump,’ and ‘Join the Fight.'” Tensions became high as a fight almost broke out between a Trump supporter and a swarm of anti-Trump protestors. The protests disseminated at one point when there was an apparent gun threat.

The following anti-Trump remarks adorned the free speech wall established by the Cal Poly College Republicans, which has come under fire from campus snowflakes:

Hundreds of students also marched at UCLA to protest Trump, and even set a Trump pinata on fire “and tried to flip over a car, stopping when they realized someone was inside it,” according to the Washington Post.

College students on the other side of the country didn’t react well to Trump’s election either. Hundreds of students at American University burned an American flag while chanting, “Hey hey! Ho ho! White supremacy’s got to go!”

The University of Pittsburgh featured students chanting “Not my president!” and “No KKK, no fascist USA! No Trump!” And at Yale University, numerous students gathered together to unleash one massive, childish scream.

One thing is for sure: under President Trump, safe spaces will be threatened, which is good news for advocates of free speech.

(h/t: Washington Post)

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