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PragerU: What’s Wrong With Government-Run Healthcare?

By  Jacob Airey

Leftists have been pushing a government-run healthcare system in the United States for sometime. But will that kind of apparatus help or hurt patients seeking medical care?

Stanford University policy expert Lanhee Chen hosts the latest Prager University video, “What’s Wrong with Government-Run Healthcare,” where he breaks down the question of whether a “single-payer system” could work.

“It’s very easy for a politician to stand up before voters and say, ‘Healthcare is a right,’ and then passionately advocate for ‘single-payer’ or ‘free healthcare’ or ‘Medicare for All’—whatever term they might use,” Chen says. “But before we consider the merits of the government managing your healthcare, and that’s what this all boils down to, maybe we should ask a more basic question: What do we mean by ‘healthcare?'”

“Because if you get sick, and here, we’re talking major illness, or you’re in serious pain, you don’t just want healthcare; you want quality healthcare,” he continues. “And where is your best chance of finding that? The answer is right here in America.”

Chen points out that Canadians who can afford it frequently travel to the United States to seek better treatment instead of using their own single-payer system.

“Sure, our healthcare system has lots of issues and we should address them,” Chen explains. “But do we really want to upend all the advantages that we do have and start from scratch? Because that’s what would have to happen if we completely turn healthcare over to the government.”

Check out the video below:

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