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PragerU Videos Surpass 1 BILLION Views

By  James

On Friday, the informative videos produced by PragerU, a conservative not-for-profit organization founded by author and radio host Dennis Prager in 2011, surpassed 1 billion views.

PragerU CEO Marissa Streit told The Daily Wire in a statement Friday that the more than 60 million viewers and 1 billion views of their hundreds of conservative videos are a “testament to the power of America’s founding ideas.”

“PragerU has eclipsed 1 billion views much faster than anyone predicted, and viewership is rapidly accelerating,” said Streit. “It’s just one indication that our content is resonating with millions and millions of people. It’s a testament to the power of America’s founding ideas, the compelling topics presented by our world-class speakers, and our amazing team who makes it all happen.”

To commemorate the achievement, PragerU produced a promotional video stressing the importance of informing people about “the values that shaped America”:

Founded in 2011, PragerU describes its mission as explaining and spreading “Americanism'” through short videos featuring experts and animation designed to be “conservative sound bites that clarify profoundly significant and uniquely American concepts.” Through their video and additional online content, PragerU seeks to “help millions of people understand the fundamental values that shaped America, and provide them with the intellectual ammunition they need to defend and spread those values.” ​

In October, PragerU made national headlines when it announced that it was taking legal action against Google and YouTube for what the group described as “unlawfully censoring its educational videos and discriminating against its right to freedom of speech.” Streit told The Daily Wire in an interview that week that their diverse legal team felt “very strongly” that they could win, citing YouTube’s status as a “public forum” and its biased approach to restricting content as “a clear breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing.”

Read more about the lawsuit here.

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