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PragerU Video: The Secret To Success

What is the secret to success? There have been numerous books and seminars dedicated to it, but there is really only one path to success: hard work.

Michele Tafoya, the sideline reporter for NBC’s Sunday Night Football, explains in PragerU’s latest video that in order to achieve success, you need to do three things: “Get to work. Keep working. And don’t stop until the job is done.”

Tafoya worked at seven jobs before she graduated college, with each one teaching her an important life skill that helped her reach the status of sideline reporter for Sunday Night Football. Her first job, delivering newspapers at the age of 13, taught her perseverance. Working for a Baskins Robbins in high school taught her the need to be accountable after her manager was unhappy that she gave out sizable portions of ice cream.

As a telemarketer, Tafoya learned to deal with failure.

“Like all telemarketers, I was rejected far more often than not,” said Tafoya. “Usually, I didn’t get past the first sentence. But sometimes I did — enough to make some good money. The path to success is paved with failure.”

When Tafoya was a waitress in college, she learned how to set her emotions aside and focus on work. She also worked as a public relations assistant in Los Angeles, where she learned the endurance to work long hours.

Once she graduated college, Tafoya was a producer for a radio show, which gave her the idea to work as a broadcasting talent. She eventually began working for at a sports show in North Carolina, where she caught the eye of CBS Sports. It was there she learned how to handle criticism well.

Tafoya eventually moved on to ESPN and then to her current job at Sunday Night Football.

“Whether it’s your first job or your dream job, the formula is always the same: Get to work. Keep working,” said Tafoya. “And don’t stop until the job is done.”

The full video can be seen below:

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