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Prager: Sex and the Power of the Visual

In a new Prager University video, radio host and author Dennis Prager addresses the topic of male sexuality and how it is powerfully influenced by the visual.

“Men are programmed by nature, not by society, to respond sexually to the visual,” says Prager.

Prager notes that men are overwhelmingly visual when it comes to sexual attraction, as evidenced by the time men spend gazing at women in magazines, on computers, in public and in private. Just the thought of a beautiful woman flashing any bit of skin can be powerful for a man.

Most women, on the other hand, do not respond in a similar manner to attractive men. While certainly women do their share of men gazing, it’s nowhere near as prominent nor is the visual as powerful to them as men. It takes a lot more to attract a woman than looks. For men, not so much…

“There is no magazine featuring men’s legs for women to get aroused by, but there are websites and magazines of women’s legs for men,” Prager says, keeping it as PG as he could.

The power of the visual on men is so strong that even males are dumbfounded by it. As an anecdotal example, Prager cites a man who told him that he started looking up a mannequin’s skirt that was in a window of a department store.

Prager makes clear at the end of the video that this explanation does not excuse any inappropriate behavior by men.

“Men must always control themselves, but to deny the power of the visual on men is like denying that the earth is round,” he concludes.