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Prager: Just Say ‘Merry Christmas’

Author, columnist and syndicated radio host Dennis Prager has a message for Americans in Prager University’s latest video: use the phrase “Merry Christmas” this coming month.

The Left has been systematically working to eliminate the word Christmas from the public lexicon, from encouraging the use of “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” to using “winter vacation” over “Christmas vacation” and “Holiday Party” over “Christmas Party” – all in the name of inclusivity.

In reality, the Left’s attempt to scrub the word Christmas is part of their efforts to secularize America.

“The left believes in secularism as fervently as religious Jews and Christians believe in the Bible,” Prager states. “That’s why ‘Merry Christmas’ bothers secular activists. It’s a blatant reminder of just how religious America is – and always has been. So, here’s a prediction: Activists on the left will eventually seek to remove Christmas as a national holiday.”

The Left’s argument about banning “Merry Christmas” as a means of being “inclusive” is absurd, Prager argues. While he’s a Jew, Christmas is still a holiday for him because it’s a national holiday for all Americans. In fact, numerous American Jews have written famous Christmas songs, including Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas.”

“By not wishing me a Merry Christmas, you are not being inclusive,” Prager says. “You are excluding me from one of my nation’s national holidays.”

Prager concludes the video by arguing that not only is it foolish to cave to the politically correct censorship of the holiday, it’s borderline “mean-spirited” to not wish the 90 percent of Americans who celebrate Christmas a Merry Christmas.

“So, please say ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Christmas party’ and ‘Christmas vacation,” says Prager. “If you don’t, you’re not ‘inclusive.’ You’re hurtful.”