Possible Drug Overdose At JoJo Siwa’s Home During ‘Pride Month’ Celebration
CELEBRITY WATCH PARTY: JoJo Siwa in the Nobody Puts Celebrity in the Corner" episode of CELEBRITY WATCH PARTY airing Thursday, May 14 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
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A possible drug overdose may have occurred at the home of social media star JoJo Siwa during a celebration to kick off the month of June, which some people refer to as “Pride Month.”

“Los Angeles police and fire officials responded to JoJo Siwa’s home for a possible drug overdose,” reported Fox News. “A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Fire Department confirmed to Fox News that the agency received a call at 8:19 p.m. on Wednesday, June 2 in the 4800 block of North Vanaldan Avenue for a ‘medical’ emergency. Both the LAFD and the Los Angeles Police Department could not confirm the identity of the homeowners. However, TMZ reports that the property where the incident took place was Siwa’s home.”

“It was a medical response for an approximately 30-year-old male. One LAFD ambulance did transport the male to a local hospital,” the spokesperson told Fox News.

Details of the man’s condition remain unknown as of this writing; he is believed to have overdosed on LSD and showed up to the party already high. TMZ noted that the celebration was specifically in honor of “Pride Month,” which was attended by other social media stars like Tana Mangeau.

This past January, Siwa, a dancer and YouTube star, identified herself as a member of the LGBTQ community while not knowing exactly in which category she would classify herself.

“I always believed that my person was just going to be my person,” she said. “And if that person happened to be a boy, great, and if that person happened to be a girl, great!”

Since Siwa has never fallen in love with someone, she avoided a specific label. She also thanked people for the love and support they have shown.

“I think humans are awesome; I think humans are really incredible people. Right now, I’m super duper happy and I want to share everything with the world, but I also want to keep things in my life private until they are ready to be public. Right now what matters is that you guys know that no matter who you love, that it’s OK. It’s awesome and the world is there for you,” she said. “There are so many people that are there for you. I know everyone’s situation is different and it might be harder for some people and it might be easier for some people to come out or be themselves, but I think coming out has this stigma around it — that it’s this really, really, really scary thing, but it’s not anymore. There are so many accepting and loving people out there that it’s OK.”

As to the people who would criticize her coming out, Siwa said that’s not something to “ever be afraid of.”

“Of course people are going to say it’s not normal, but nothing is normal. Literally not one thing about anybody is normal and it’s OK not to be normal, it’s OK to be a little different, it’s OK to be a little weird, strange, different. That’s something we should never, ever be afraid of. That’s something we should be proud of,” she said.

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