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Poll: Trump Voters Side With The President Over Steve Bannon By A YUGE Margin

By  Frank Camp

Trump voters have been called a lot of unpleasant things in the year following the 2016 presidential election, but disloyal isn’t one of them.

While it may seem obvious that Americans who cast their vote for Donald Trump support Donald Trump, a recent poll taken after the president’s very public falling out with former campaign strategist Steve Bannon shows just how strongly Trump voters back their leader in a fight.

When HuffPost/YouGov asked, “Who do you agree with more?” in relation to the recent Trump/Bannon feud, 66.3% of Americans who voted for Trump said they side with the president, while just 1.1% sided with Bannon. 20.9% said they sided with “neither” Trump nor Bannon, and 11.7% were “unsure.”

Some other interesting bits from the poll:

Among Trump voters, Steve Bannon’s favorability has cratered, with only 3.8% claiming to have a “very favorable” view of him, and 9.7% a “somewhat favorable” view. 65.6% hold a “somewhat unfavorable” or “very unfavorable” view of Steve Bannon. 20.9% “don’t know.”

When asked if “Trump made the right or the wrong decision in firing Steven Bannon as his chief strategist last year,” 72.3% of Trump voters said it was “correct,” while just 2.7% said it was “wrong.” 24.9% were “unsure.”

Lastly, 50% of Trump voters said that Bannon leaving the White House was “a good thing for the country,” while just 3.2% said it was “a bad thing for the country.” 29.2% said they didn’t think it was good or bad, while another 17.6% said they weren’t sure.

While there’s a high degree of uncertainty expressed in the poll, the numbers are clear. Trump wins, Bannon loses.

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