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POLL: Independents Disapprove Of Dems Treatment Of Kavanaugh By A Wide Margin

By  Paul Bois

Not only have Republicans joined together in unity following the vicious battle to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, they also have the attention of independent voters who strongly disapprove of the way Democrats treated President Trump’s judicial nominee.

“Democrats may not be able to exploit this fact in the upcoming elections as much as they hope,” according to the Washington Examiner, “because the independent voters overwhelmingly disapprove of their own handling of the nomination by a 28-point margin, a new CNN/SSRS poll finds.”

The poll has more than a few conundrums, to say the least. On the one hand, just 41% wanted Kavanaugh confirmed compared to 51% who opposed him. However, opinions shifted regarding the Democrats’ treatment of the judge, with just 36% who approved of their egregious actions versus a healthy majority of 56% who disapproved.

The numbers were even more striking when broken down along party lines.

“Republicans were at 55% disapproval and 35% approval,” reports the outlet. “A further breakdown finds that 58% of independents disapproved of the way the Democrats handled the nomination — compared to 30% who approved.”

In fairness, Independents also disapproved of Republicans, though the margin was smaller — 53% to 32%.

How this will play out in the mid-terms come November remains to be seen, but one thing’s for sure: Democrats no longer have the momentum. At best, Democrats and Republicans are equal in their fervor to get the vote out in November; at worst, Republicans are infuriated enough to vote in droves.

At the very least, Republicans have a specific campaign ticket that sticks. No appeals to policy or abstract references to job numbers; what will really mobilize the base is fear that Democrats will conjure hellfire from the pits of Satan and scorch the whole Earth if they get power again. Both President Trump and Lindsey Graham have seized on this sentiment and have immediately begun to campaign on it.

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