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Poll: Americans Don’t Trust Hillary’s Health

By  Aaron Bandler

A new poll shows that most Americans don’t trust Democratic presidential Hillary Clinton on her health.

The poll–an Associated Press/GfK poll–found that only 36 percent of Americans are “very or extremely confident” that Clinton’s health won’t be a liability as president. According to AP:

Men are more likely to question Clinton’s physical fitness for the job, with 45 percent saying they’re only slightly or not at all confident compared to 34 percent of women. Men and women are about equally likely to express confidence in Trump’s health. More Democrats are confident of Trump’s health than Republicans are of Clinton’s.

Trump’s health, on the other hand, has elicited more confidence from the American people, as 51 percent are “very or extremely confident” about his health.

Four in ten voters don’t believe that it’s crucial for both candidates to release their medical records, and two in ten felt that it was only “moderately important” for them to do so.

The AP, bewildered at the results of the poll, lamented that the American people are “ignoring the medical reports” and surmised there is a clear “disconnect” because “Clinton has released more medical information than Trump, and that outside doctors who’ve looked at the available data say both candidates seem fine.”

“But it shows the political points Trump scored after the Democratic nominee’s much-publicized mild case of pneumonia,” the AP complained.

Actually, if the AP could take off their leftist-colored goggles for one second, they would realize that the reason for the lack of trust in Clinton’s health is due to the fact that “Hillary lies about everything,” as Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro has written:

If she’d said she had pneumonia weeks ago, all this could have been cleared up. But her first move is always to obstruct. Whether it’s private email servers or the Clinton Foundation or her black lung, Hillary will never tell us the truth – which, naturally, leads to speculation. And we can’t rule that speculation out of hand anymore.

Third, Hillary is actually unhealthy. She’s not fit as a fiddle and ready for love. She looks bad, she looks sick, she acts sick, and she’s hiding from it. That raises questions about how viable she is as president. If we’re going to elect Tim Kaine president, we should know about it in advance.

The AP’s lamenting about the poll results also exacerbates the lack of trust in Clinton’s health because the media has been covering for her, and it has only caused Americans to be more distrustful of the media.

It’s also worth noting that former President Bill Clinton admitted that his wife has a history of fainting and dehydration. Clinton herself raised her previous concussion as an issue with the FBI when she claimed that she couldn’t remember briefings because of it.

Based on all this, it’s no wonder most Americans don’t trust her health.

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