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POLL: 91.6% Of Orthodox Jews Find Trump Satisfactory or Very Satisfactory

According to a new poll released by Ami Magazine, an international magazine catering to the Jewish community, 91.6% of Orthodox Jews from the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut approve of President Trump as “satisfactory” or “very satisfactory.”

The 263 respondents of the poll varied in political affiliation, with 34.6% registered as Republican, 29.3% as not registered, 28.9% as Democrat, and 7.2% independent.

“There are many possible reasons why,” Jake Turx, Ami Magazine’s Senior White House Correspondent told The Daily Wire. “Though, one thing I see that Orthodox Jews have in common with Trump himself— personality wise— is a very strong sense of loyalty, in the sense that ‘if you have my back, I have yours.’”

Turx also says that there were many critics of Trump in the Orthodox Jewish community at the beginning of Trump’s term but many are now quieter.

“After the Jerusalem declaration and the commuting of Rubashkin, they just disappeared,” Turx explained, referring to Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and Trump commuting the sentence of of Sholom Rubashkin, the former owner of the largest U.S. kosher meat processing plant who was sentenced to prison for 27 years for financial crimes. “Some became fans, and some just stopped criticizing him, not because of pressure, but because at the end of the day they feel that if he has their back, they have his.”

The poll’s results also show that 60% believe Trump is “doing a great job” on both the economy and foreign policy, while 25% think he is only doing well on the economy, and 15% only think he is doing well on foreign policy.

Most respondents (82.4%) plan to vote for Trump in 2020 and only 17.6% plan to not vote for him.

More details about the poll can be found in Ami Magazine’s latest issue.

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