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The Political Winners and Losers of 2016


President-elect Donald J. Trump

To become the most improbable president in American history, Trump defeated everyone, including the entire mainstream media, unified Democrats, and most of his own Party.

The Donald was also the most accurate pundit of 2016. Everything he said he would do, he did, including smashing what a sea of smug Dick Morrises assured and reassured us was an impenetrable Blue Wall.

Trump rewrote all the rules, gambled it all, and won it all.


Although their Party has been hijacked by a nationalist-populist who takes zero crap, Republicans have recaptured the White House, hold both the House of Representatives and the Senate, and dominate the states in ways unseen in over 150 years. Moreover, the upcoming 2018 midterms could deliver a filibuster-proof Senate.

New Media

The strides New Media has made since 2012 seem almost impossible. Just four years ago, the national political media was still in full control of the agenda and conversation. Today, the MSM are almost always on defense (Fake News! Fake News! Fake News!) or outright losing.

Using the distribution pipelines of social media, New Media has shattered the elite media’s Narrative Plantation and successfully established a direct relationship with The People. What we now have is a massively powerful infrastructure that has, overall, done superb and credible work in original reporting, the debunking of the MSM’s serial lies, and the exposing of their horrific biases.

Tucker Carlson

Since being hit with the cataclysmic meteor of the presidential election, the MSM appears determined to pretend they did nothing wrong, and are doing so through the act of not changing anything they do. So in what should be a year of major retooling for a hopelessly broken institution, absolutely nothing has changed, and this has allowed Tucker Carlson to have the post-election media spotlight all to himself.

Carlson has been around for two decades now, but almost immediately after grabbing a primetime slot at Fox News, he has become the must-watch viral sensation of the post-election world. Prepared and smart, almost on a nightly basis, Carson brings on a prominent Leftist for a 10-minute evisceration of their failed ideas, hypocrisies and supremacist snobbery.

The public desperately want the media to do something different, but to do so would mean admitting they had been doing something wrong. That requires a maturity and decency and humility the media elite just don’t possess. Go Tucker!

Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Breitbart News…

Through it all, including an incalculable amount of harassment, mockery, and bullying from the mostly-hideous GOP elite, they stood by Trump and had their faith vindicated on Election Night.

Honorable mention: Mark Halperin, Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski…


The gay community now has a Republican president who has proudly (and without pandering) held up the Rainbow Flag to a cheering crowd of Republican voters.

This is also good for the Republican Party.


Julian Assange was, without question, the top journalist of 2016. He gathered information on powerful people and institutions, disseminated all of it to the public, and did so without filter, spin or interference.

After being conditioned for decades by blow-dried, serial-lying, leftwing pundits who disguise themselves as reporters, what a vitally important, breath of fresh air WikiLeaks turned out to be.

Electoral College

Remove the urban, leftwing enclaves of New York and California, and what you have in the 48 remaining states is Trump winning the popular vote by 3 million Americans.

As much as they are buttaching now, not even the Left wants to live in a Majority Rule country. That would be a disaster, and no one knew that better than our brilliant founders.

The essential idea of America is to preserve individual freedom through individual states with their own governments. Then, at the national level, you give all the states the fairest amount of representation possible. This is why, regardless of size, every state gets two Senators, and this is why we have an electoral college.

The nation could not survive if populous states ruled the rest of us, especially California, a failed state that proudly allows itself to be invaded by Mexico.

The electoral college more than proved its worth in 2016. If Democrats want to bunch up among their own in coastal, urban cities — hey, it’s a free country. And one of the primary reasons this is a free country is because those blue tumors are not allowed to metastasize over the rest of us.

The Working Class

After decades of being ignored by two political parties who spent way too much time allowing cable news to shape their concept of reality, the working class not only has a champion in the White House, but proved to be the deciders in the 2016 presidential race.

This is not only good news for the invaluable men and women who do the dirty jobs that keep our world turning, this is good news for all of us. So goes the middle and working class, so goes America.


Trump grabbing the very real War on Christmas as a campaign issue was one of his smartest of many smart moves.

A pop culture icon going back to the 1980s, Trump will be a culturally-driven president and one of the winners will no doubt be Christmas.

Michael Moore

Yes, Michael Moore lost the presidential election and hasn’t made a relevant movie in ten years… But credit where its due is due. Moore has not Gone Hollywood. The Oscar-winner is still in touch enough with the sentiments of the working class that he knew Trump would win, knew the polls were wrong, knew Michigan was lost to his worst nightmare.

Other than Trump himself and “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams, Moore turned out to be the most insightful and improbably honest forecaster of 2016.


The National Mainstream Media

You are probably wondering why I didn’t list the Democrat Party first. After all, the Dems are in retreat at every conceivable level of government, and that now includes the presidency. Well, there is one big difference between Democrats and the National Media … Democrats can still stage a comeback.

Although we didn’t know it until the results starting pouring in from Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Michigan, and Pennsylvania on Election Night, throughout 2016, the mainstream media was dousing itself in gasoline and waving around a road flare.

On every conceivable level the media failed, even on the basics of gathering and disseminating information. They had no idea what was going on, they had no idea about how everyday voters felt, their polls were garbage, and in the role of leftwing pundits (which is all the media really are today), they were 100% wrong about absolutely everything.

Even in the mission they hold most sacred, their role as propagandists, they failed miserably. The result of this failure is the loss of the power the MSM held most dear, the power to shape public opinion and the outcome of events.

No one is listening anymore, most importantly our incoming president.

The MSM’s only role now is that of bitter, sidelined hecklers.

The mainstream media as we knew it — as the Democrats most powerful and influential weapon — is dead … forever.

Good riddance.


The only stick of clothing the Emperor had left was the White House, and now even that is gone.

Under Barack Obama, Democrats have lost 12 governorships, 69 House seats, 13 Senate seats, more than 900 state legislature seats, and in 32 states Republicans control both legislative chambers. At the state and local level, Republicans dominate in ways unseen since the Civil War.

The chickens have finally come home to roost for an elite, out-of-touch, corporatist Party who boo God and lionize rape-hoaxers like Lena Dunham.

Political Dynasties

Thanks to Trump, at long last we are finally rid of the Bush and Clinton royal families.

Barack Obama

President Obama chose to rule rather than do the hard work of governing, and when you rule a new ruler can overturn all your rules, which is exactly what’s going to happen when President Trump enters the Oval Office with his own “phone and pen.”

Obama’s admittedly bold decision to jam ObamaCare through the House using procedural tricks has also backfired. What should have been Barry’s Big Legacy is instead the anchor chained around that legacy. Never popular, never workable — ObamaCare is doomed. Thank God.

Worse still, as soon as Trump’s pro-growth policies take effect, Americans will be reminded of what a real recovery looks like. President SlowGrowth will look incompetent by comparison, and deservedly so.

Obama’s only legacy will be as America’s first black president, and as a personally popular president, but one who intentionally oversaw the destruction of America’s hugely important place in a dangerous world, and whose incompetence and narcissism unintentionally screwed his own Party and legacy.


Best remembered as an asterisk on the pimple of the hind-end of history.

Fact Checkers

In 2016, America saw completely through these shameless serial liars, and now their era has come to a bitter end.

Taking over as Facebook’s “fact checkers” will only further damage their credibility, as an even wider audience is exposed to their smug, leftwing spin and desperate rationalizations.

Election Forecasters/Data Nerds

When James Cameron forecast the Rise of the Machines in “Terminator,” who knew he was talking about these bloodless, bullying data-crunchers who pose as pro-science journalists. Well, in 2016, they met their John Connor in the form of, you know, actual human beings.

These data-humping Pajama Boys might be able to make numbers sing, decimal points dance, and slide rules shimmy, but if you don’t understand the human condition, your forecasts aren’t worth a sh*t.

Go home, you freaky Spocks. Get back to us after you’ve spent some time in the real world.

Silicon Valley

Spoiled, bitter, disappointed, feckless, powerless, fascist billionaires are the best kind of fascist billionaires.

Identity Politics

Hillary Clinton and her media thought they could win by grasping their pearls and gasping “Well, I Never!”, every time Trump supposedly offended someone.

The result: Despite the most prolonged and intense Identity Politics campaign ever waged, the guy who taunted Obama over his birth certificate is the 45th President of the United States.


Buh-bye, Epic Fail.

Leftwing Comedians

Larry Wilmore got canceled.

Stephen Colbert is in the ratings toilet, and will be primarily remembered for his GLORIOUS Election Night meltdown.

Jon Stewart ran from the battlefield even before the fight began, and wasn’t missed.

Samantha Bee, “Saturday Night Live,” Seth Meyers…

So many stormtroopers, so much fail.


Let’s be fair, the national pollsters mostly got it right. It was the state polls, though, that matter and almost all of them proved to be nothing more than wishcasting frauds.

The most important thing a pollster does is weigh his findings based on what he believes the electorate will look like. And what we got out of the crucially important states of NC, MI, WI, PA, and OH, was an anti-Trump skew.

The pollsters either got it wrong because they didn’t want to believe what they were seeing, were too intimidated by the MSM herd, or were just too in love with hearing “Trump Can’t Win.”

I don’t know, maybe organizations other than leftwing universities and leftwing media outlets should do our polling?

Just throwing that out there.

Illegal Aliens and Unvetted Refugees

“In their un-American zeal to replace voters they don’t like with more compliant citizens, Obama and Hillary planned to Merkel-ize America with our unguarded borders and these Islamic refugees.

“Even though Angela Merkel has condemned Germany to generations of life with terrorism.

“I am all for refugees and immigration. Hell, I’m married to a woman born in Mexico. But we have to make sure we are bringing in people who desperately want to become Americans, and we have to make damn sure we are not bringing in cheap labor to please big corporate donors, and doing so at the expense of Americans — especially the working class — who live here and play by the rules.”

Read the rest here.

Social Justice Warriors

They crybabied, they rioted, they screamed like wounded animals, they chanted and drum-circled, told us they were “literally shaking,” and hurled emotional blackmail like thunderbolts, and…

It only backfired on the media outlets and politicians who embraced them.

Merry Christmas and God bless America.

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