Polite Propaganda: Here’s How A ‘Silk Glove Invasion’ Works


Have you ever heard of a silk glove invasion?

The term typically involves a government which invades or undercuts their civilian population through business, politics, and propaganda; force is rarely used in a silk glove invasion. It occurs slowly and politely over time — through bureaucracy.

I believe this is exactly what’s happening in America. When it comes to authoritarian and totalitarian policies in the United States, there’s hardly ever any use of force; legislation and policy is accomplished through gaslighting, and keeping citizens content with consumer products and relative freedom. In other words, a silk glove invasion.

There is a growing consensus in the U.S. that something is not right with our leaders, but it’s often hard to pinpoint because of gaslighting and general media maleficence.

Take President Biden for example. He has no real power in office — everyone knows this — and yet, the legacy media continues to gaslight the public. “This is your president,” they say. He rarely does interviews, but when he does, he only takes pre-approved questions. Yes, he is still in charge.

What about freedom in the United States? The idea of freedom —  pre-existing government and ordained by God — runs to the very core of America’s identity and existence. It’s a truth most Americans assume the government will uphold. After all, we are the “home of the free.”

Still, not too long ago, Americans woke up to find themselves arguing for bodily autonomy in the Supreme Court. They found themselves arguing for the freedom to choose whether or not to inject themselves with experimental vaccines. Does the government really still believe in the ideas we were founded on?

Consider an example from the Department of Education, which has been slowly and methodically propagandizing the population since the 1970s.

They taught students and adults the new wave of feminism, which insisted that achieving equality with men wasn’t enough. Women needed to be men. It was backwards and a tenant of the patriarchy for women to stay at home. Climb the corporate ladder and find a career, and then find the fountain of happiness, they told women.

What then replaced the mother and her inherent responsibility for teaching and educating her children? The Department of Education. A bureaucracy. A government entity. 

Now — present day — parents have to show up at school board meetings and literally argue that they have control over their children, not the Department of Education.

No, I don’t want my child to be masked. No, I don’t want my child to be taught they can pick their gender. No, I don’t consent to the overt sexualization of our children through textbooks.

When did we deny the established and universally recognizable truth that parents are the guardians and protectors of their children?

This is how the silk glove invasion works. Because of its smoke and mirrors, you barely realize it’s happening until it is too late. 

We all recently experienced another example in full during the pandemic — the predation of Big Pharma through government bureaucracy.

When did it suddenly become necessary for everyone to speak to their employers about what vaccines they have? When did it become a circumstance where mothers have to debate with nurses and the doctors about leaving the hospital with their newborn?

When did parents start feeling pressure from the pharmaceutical industry on every vaccine and medical decision? When did vaccines become a prerequisite for children to receive education? 

All of this is legislated under the guise of things that are supposed to be good, i.e. the health of your child. Sounds very polite, doesn’t it? Except these decisions never legislate into the hands of the citizenry. The state always retains and gathers more power through their “polite” and “kind” assertions.

Take, as a final example, the aftermath of 9/11. The government said they needed top notch security and surveillance of the population to protect against terrorism. The legislation was even given a polite and rousing name, “The Patriot Act.” Freedoms and rights were traded in the name of safety and comfort. It was time, government officials said, to protect America from the Middle East.

Now? Today these programs established in the name of “terrorism” abroad are focused on surveying American citizens; they monitor and track how we vote and the opinions we hold. We have become the threat.

Parents are called domestic terrorists now. Pro-life organizers are now raided at their homes by FBI agents. Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans are now the new “extremist” threat

When did all this happen? The truth is — as it goes with silk glove invasions — it’s been happening for decades. We just weren’t paying attention. It’s time we do.

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