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PLAYING BY THE LEFT’S RULES: Former MSNBC Contributor Attacks Conservative Parkland Survivor. That Means It’s Time For A Boycott, Right?

On Friday, former MSNBC contributor Kurt Eichenwald took time out from defending the boycott against Laura Ingraham over her supposedly massive cruelty toward Parkland survivor David Hogg to attack Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv. After reading this piece I wrote about the nastiness of boycotts designed merely to demonize political opposition, Eichenwald tweeted in defense of the boycott:

Then he proceeded to attack a Parkland survivor, Kyle Kashuv.

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Now, as we all know from the last 48 hours, this means that MSNBC’s top advertisers must all be boycotted. Them’s the rules. Kashuv pointed it out:

When called on it, Eichenwald apologized.

But, as we have learned from David Hogg, such apologies mean nothing, as I pointed out:

Kashuv, being a decent human being, was more forgiving:

But once again, the double standard has been illuminated. How many members of MSNBC brass will speak out against Eichenwald? How many advertisers will drop him?

The strategy of boycotting political opponents is an ugly one. And the more the Left embraces it, the worse our political discourse will get.