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Planned Parenthood Wanted To ‘Break Mike Pence’s Heart’ On Valentine’s Day

By  Paul Bois

Planned Parenthood has a sick fascination with trolling Vice President Mike Pence on holidays. Aside from asking for donations on the man’s birthday, the abortion giant also asked followers to “break Mike Pence’s heart” on the day of courtly love.

How did the abortion conglomerate plan to break the VP’s heart? By seeking more donations in his name:

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The organization has now used both Christmas and Mike Pence’s birthday to launch shameless PR campaigns. On the day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, PP asked their followers to give the VP condoms for Christmas:

The abortion giant, which makes its money from making sure that unborn children never see their first birthday, also ironically used Pence’s birthday as an impetus for people to open up their bank accounts.

Planned Parenthood celebrated Valentine’s Day in a predictably tacky way by advising their followers about the importance of lube in honor of National Condom Week:

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